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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Friday, January 13

EGGHEADS = Negative People

It so sucks that I'm so new to blogging. It's like a new addiction that is productive?? I know this photo is supposed to be an animation... but I can't seem to post it as such. No matter... the REAL POINT OF THIS POST IS............. can't you just see all the negative people you work with in this egg carton? Why can't everyone just be cool. Agree to disagree sometimes... most of the time get along great.... I cannot stand Negative Nellies!!!!! It's hard enough to get up every day and just go to work... You wake up and feel good.... you love your family and your God upon awakening... and then.... you make that drive to that place where there is at least one yahoo that just has to put a damper on your mood. 'Wanna know the worst of the thought??? I OWN the place!!! You would think... as responsible and as motivated ... and as business savvy as I truly am... that I would FIRE all the people in this egg carton... but NO~~~ I take the "passive" way out, and also the Republican way out... (did I ever mention on this blog that I'm die-hard Republican...... we'll reserve the reasons why for another post...)... but sometimes...NO ALMOST ALL THE TIME.... it's just easier, and more economically productive to just keep your mouth shut. A warm body that does their job adequately, but not necessarily is more economically productive than causing a scene and GETTING RID OF ALL THE ASSHOLES, OR ASSHOLETTES that cause your corporate discomfort.

The liberal left has molded and conformed us all into these radically morose robotic types that just go along to keep up the status quo. I happen to personally KNOW that my opinion is shared by countless thousands that I know... but we all "do the right thing in the new SUCKING LIBERAL WORLD..." and sit around and say nothing unless we have a useless blog that no-one will ever read.

Oh well... that's why I named this site Blah Blah Blog - The Soap Box... so I can rant on and on to myself and feel somehow adjudicated....