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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Thursday, January 26

Reach Out And Touch Someone

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Today I'm inspired, because today something happened out of the ordinary. I'm pretty much like you I imagine. " Same 'ole Same 'ole" just about every day. Husband gets up. Kid gets up and off to school. Watch the news, check the e-mail...blah blah off to work. Not a bad thing mind you, I love my mundane routine. It's safe, comfortable, a labor of love. However, for me anyway, pretty much the same routine every day. I am on the phone a lot, but usually at work in the office on a regular telephone. Our companies have a Nextel plan with 12 phones, but even on the cell phone, I can pretty much guess at any given time of the day who's "beeping" in, or who's calling when it rings. From 9 to 5, it's always one of the crew. Daily at about 3 when school's out, the teenager checks in and he's off to whatever. After 5, if I'm running errands, ALWAYS the husband, or one of the kids again. Occasionally I get a cell phone call from my Dad... but that's usually at home, and I always laugh and wonder why he doesn't just call the house phone? At any rate, I usually know who's calling when, and it's always the same wonderful people I exist daily for.

But... not today. I have the same nail appointment every two weeks. Have had the same time slot with the same manicurist now for almost 10 years. It's not like anyone doesn't know where I am at that same time every fourteen days come rain or shine. Inevitably, my husband or my son will call during alsmot every appointment, just when it's time for the polish, or just when CMM and I are enthralled in the latest salon gossip. We always laugh, and I always answer. Today, the usual giggle came when the cell phone rang in the middle of a pedicure, and I was prepared for the typical no-nothing call from one of my guys. IT WAS MY LITTLE BROTHER!

Now, it's not like I never talk to him, but even with him there is a routine. I live in Reno, and he lives back in Texas. He has small children, mine are grown or just about...so he goes to bed much earlier than I do in general anyway. (I never mentioned, did I, that I'm a natural vampire?...Too many years working swing shift in the casinos before becoming a business owner.) With the two hour time difference in our two worlds, I usually catch my brother between 7 to 9 in the evening with just a short time to talk. I was so surprised to hear his voice on the phone today.

It's also not like it was a super special phone call either, as far as content goes. But for me somehow it was SO SPECIAL. I caught myself giggling and laughing with him. We rambled on and on for a bit about sundry things, and then we said our goodbyes. I couldn't really put a finger on the emotion until I pondered it for a while, but it's really very simple. He broke up my routine in a subtle, but very impacting way. It was so nice to hear from someone in the middle of the day so close to my heart. I kept thinking about it all evening, so it ends up being today's ramble.

I want to encourage all of you to "pay this forward" very soon. The next time you are going to make one of your customary phone calls to one of the run-of-the-mill people in your life... do it at an unexpected time. No one will ever say a word, but chances are you will make their day just as my very special little brother made my day today. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE SOON.