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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Sunday, January 29

Save Hard - Spend Large - Feel Sick

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Am I crazy, normal & in shock, experiencing wallet dump, having buyer's remorse, or all of the above? Hopefully, this feeling goes away before Friday! We work hard, save tough, and are finally getting to the age that we should be having some of the nice things to enjoy. The last few years, we try to save hard, and each year buy one really nice thing for the house or do something nice to improve the house. I just purchased a hot tub today. It will be delivered Friday.
I did all the right things so I think. I studied and studied on line. I went to several stores. I listened to all kinds of sales pitches. Hell, I even put a swim suit on and went off "wet-testing". Do you know how very strange that feels to put on a swimsuit and go into a store and go hot-tubbing...hopping out of one and into another? I jewed the poor sales guy down to his last nub, and even spread out my credit cards over the counter calling each customer service number to see how much I could jew them down on interest rates. So I know I got the best deal I could, but DAMN... they are a LOT OF MONEY. After it was all over and papers were signed...I almost feel sick. I saw all I'd saved for gone in an instant, and now I'm going over and over the choices. Did I buy the right one, the right brand, should I have settled for less and not so many bells and whistles. Hell, I hope the "purchase fever" goes away before Friday so I can enjoy the first swim.