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Sunday, January 22

Ted Kennedy Quits Owl Club

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Oh for goodness’ sake! When are we going to be relieved of this maniacal blowhard? Who keeps voting for this guy that keeps him in office and fogging up our television sets with his hot air? I’ve met some ballsy people in my day, but really… who does he think he is? Sorry Teddy… the hoards of $.50 cent pieces with the family photo on them you conveniently weigh down and cover up your nasty little life with are not invisible. We can all see through you, and you can no longer buy your way to popularity. We all still remember CHAPPAQUIDDICK. We all know your history of being a drunk and a womanizer. No wonder you liked Clinton so much… two peas in a pod! Sorry… no “hoot hoot” from this corner just because you are quitting “The Owl Club”.

Nobody here cares about any club. We all learned as children…it’s perfectly normal to build a platform in the tree house and have a “private club”. We all had signs… “No Boys Allowed”, or “No Sissy’s Allowed”… or “No Girls Allowed”… these clubhouses and forts we built as children were where some of the best times of our lives were spent. A private club is just that…PRIVATE. Hello Teddy, any normal reasoning human being is crazy to try and postulate discrimination onto the fact that someone, or some group of people are not allowed at a private club. That’s what defines a club… a group of people that decide they want to “hang out” together exclusively because that particular group shares the same ideas, values, sport, etc. If you like the Owl Club Ted, stay in it. Just because you are a pompous asshole and treated Judge Alitto like dirt on your shoe at the Senate hearings and accused him of being iniquitous for being a member of his club CAP (Concerned Alumni of Princeton) (which he accepted a short term job with – and was indirectly involved with) , doesn’t mean you should quit your club.

What you should do is have some real balls and quit being so PC. Stand up and tell everyone that you like being a Hooty Owl, and if they don’t like it, tough… Maybe they got tired of your dumb ass and threw you out. That’s usually what happened when years ago someone was no longer allowed “in the tree house”. They got kicked out and then told everyone they quit to save face.

One of these days there is going to be an uprising in this country that will take us back to normalcy. I’m afraid Mr. Kennedy; you’ll be out of the tree house.