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Sunday, January 29

Where Were You When You Lost Your Virginity

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Yesterday, most of the blogging world posted a bit on the anniversary of the crash of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The most frequent question…where were you? It was a life defining moment. Don’t ask me why this evil thought popped into my head, but hey…they do. There are three common life defining “memory” moments that we all are aware of…the assassination of JFK, the Space Shuttle Challenger, and the attack on the Twin Towers on 9-11. We will all remember where we were on those days. But what about the “other” moment that truly defines all of us one way or the other. Where were you when you lost your virginity? Do you still remember who he or she was? Was it a bad experience or good? That’s the “Where Were You?” question that nobody talks about. Well here’s your chance to have a fond laugh and share.

It was the summer between my Junior and Senior year. I was at Ruddick Park in Colorado City, Texas. A very kind and gentle young man (CC) who was in law school at Texas Tech University sat on a park bench and played his guitar singing Eagles music to me. I lost my virginity in the FRONT seat of his white 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Although a touching experience, and not bad at all, I cried for days because I had sworn to myself that I would never do that until I was married. I was so sure the walls and ceilings of First Baptist Church would surely cave in on me any day. However, life continued. I will forever thank him for treating me like such a lady, and making my defining moment one that allowed me to grow into the woman I eventually became.