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Wednesday, February 15

Cheney Shooting Accident - Could Have Been Worse - Personal Experience

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I don't want to beat this old dead horse anymore, but I have a slightly different perspective to this story that I want to share. No secret that I am a "right winger", but for all the liberal thoughts on this incident that have been shoved down my throat, I want to share some truth.

My father (best man on God's earth in my opinion), KILLED his inseparable best friend from grade school to high school at the age of 16 in a tragic hunting (gun cleaning) accident. There’s no “light” to be made of this, doesn’t get any more horrible or gut wrenching than that. However, I must share the truth.

I knew the family well; even though my father was a teenager when it happened (I am his oldest child). Here’s a chance again to praise the wonderful short life of the late James Pasco Vest. I’m not going to pretend that I KNOW the true agony that family suffered, nor am I trying to make light of the situation in any way, shape, or form. But people, know that real people and real families suffer from damnable tragedies, but life does go on.

The family of this son NEVER treated my family in any “less than normal” way. It was an ACCIDENT. This family welcomed us all into their home, treated my children well, and continued to love my father as their own as long as they lived. My poor father didn’t get a boy until very late in life, and my brother never got to know these people the way I did, but when my father DID have a son, the only thing he could do was to name him after the deceased son. They were honored by that fact, and always cherished the memories.

BUT, the point of this story…not one of us ever stopped owning guns (my father did not hunt again for years, but did teach my brother eventually). Hunting is a sport enjoyed by millions of West Texans, and all continue to enjoy the sport, and enjoy the great socializing and Bar-B-Q’s that come from it. Sadly, accidents do happen, but when it TRULY is an accident, common sense and faith bring all through the situation. Will all the “city folk” PLEASE drop this already? It’s hard enough to live through the sorrow and embarrassment of an accident anyway; making so much of something that cannot be un-done serves no constructive purpose.

Last “blurb”…I apologize to the folks back home if “airing the family dirty laundry” offends anyone, but if our story can help someone else, so be it. And…to the Vest family…THANK YOU…for being a stand up Christian Texan family that swallowed the big one and always kept our family a part of your lives.