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Saturday, February 18

InsultThePresident.com - Insult The President Yourself

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For the small price of $20, you can legally insult the President Of the USA in writing. At InsultThePresident.com, you can pay a $20 fee for this priviledge. Two guys from Tempe, Arizona originated this site. Your $20 buys you a written insult sent directly to the President, a certificate of authenticity, and a post at the website describing your insult. NOTE: These guys are running a legitimate site, no threats to the President will be tolerated, and all will be reported to the Secret Service by law.

There is a video clip describing this at CNN Pipeline. I happen to love the President. I’m hoping these guys make a go of this thing, as I’m saving my money for 2008, in case some liberal moron gets ownership of the big chair :)