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Tuesday, February 21

Michael Jackson Abuses More Than Young Boys

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While partying like a rock star at the Arab owned Dorchester Hotel in London, Michael Jackson continues to be buried up to his eyeballs in bullshit. Jackson has been living in Bahrain since last June, supported by his new benefactor Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Prince of Bahrain. Even that relationship is now strained because Jackson took it upon himself at Christmas to fly over about a dozen friends and family and shower them with Christmas gifts, all at the expense of the Prince.

Sony Music is desperately trying to scheme a deal for Citigroup to buy out $270 million in Jackson loans from Fortress Investments who bought the debt last year from Bank of America. If this deal does not go through, foreclosure proceedings will begin shortly against Michael Jackson.

Jackson’s veterinarian Dr. Martin Dinnes has filed a lawsuit against him for $91,000 in unpaid bills. The sixty employees of Neverland Ranch have not been paid in over eight weeks, and most gas and electricity has been shut off at the property. All of the exotic animals in Jackson’s zoo are quickly being moved to other locations. It is also reported that all commercial and property insurance policies covering the Neverland Valley Ranch have lapsed due to non payment of premiums.

While a Bahrainian lawyer is handling most of Michael’s legal issues (also on the Prince’s dime), his American advisor is Gaynell Lenoir, the daughter of Johnny Cochran’s late mentor, the famed LA attorney Gerald Lenoir.

I’d like to see California take over Neverland and turn it into a homeless shelter, and permanently deny Mr. Jackson’s entrance back into the USA. I say Bahrain is a fine place for this poor excuse of a man.