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Sunday, February 5

NOT Crossing The Line - Attribute Or Hindrance?

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I’m not professing to have a better marriage than anyone else, but I will say we DO talk. (Laugh inserted here)… Sometimes we TALK a little more than we should. And sometimes, we partake in a little too much alcohol, or…and get more profound than we should be. (Laugh again). My poor husband married a Texan, so with that comes the “tell-you-like-it-is” curse, but my Mama did teach me manners, and I’ve been told I spout when it’s unnecessary, and should be more truthful when it really matters. However, we did manage a “quite profound” dissertation the other night, in which my husband TOTALLY FLOORED ME, in that he said something actually, really profound. I’ve been pondering just how in the world I could put this on paper for you to read, but finally decided I should just try and see what you think. His quote: “NOT crossing the line honey, is that really an attribute, or a (character flaw) or curse?”

There are so many things we SHOULD talk about frankly as humans, but those same things usually are TABOO in some way, so we all “skirt” the true feelings we have, or the issues we should discuss.
Political Correctness again…like it or not…it does rule us by some “thumb on our heads”. My husband and I got into a discussion about frankness. We have 18 employees, and sometimes wish we could just tell them how we feel. As married people, (married almost a decade), we sometimes should talk about sex and don’t (as far as what’s good and what’s not…what we each want and need…etc). There are all those “little things” that get our goats, the pet peeves that are implanted in each of our brains, and while for each of us it’s different, yet none the less more important to us all.

Here comes the “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus” scenario I encountered within this discussion I had with my husband. On matters that do NOT relate to my husband, I tend to be overly cordial and polite with others, and then come home and “vent” to him what I really think. On matters that DO relate to him…I tend to nag and bitch at him on minor things, but go back to that “politically correct” attitude of politeness on things that really matter because I would never want to hurt him, or cause him hurt feelings. My husband on the other hand, tends to tell the general public what he thinks if pushed into a corner, and so goes with me sometimes, and I was telling him that he needed to lighten up and maybe not be so abrasive. I HATE jokes at others’ expense, even if the one running their mouth swears they are just kidding. My husband holds the philosophy that while appearing to kid around, sometimes that is a perfect way to REALLY let others know what you really think subtly. Then he asked me, “How do you know Malinda that NOT crossing the line honey…is that really an attribute, or a curse?”

I was floored by the possibility that he may be right, and we all need to work harder on meeting in the middle somewhere. I’ll let you all ponder that reality in your lives and hopefully you aren’t still as confused on where you stand as I am. Good Luck! :)