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Sunday, February 5

Superbowl XL - Congratulations Pittsburgh Steelers

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Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the win of Superbowl XL. Overall, I thought it was not a great game as some have gone...but we have a very deserving winner. Since there were no real hair-raising moments, I'll comment on the rest of the production.

Having lived close to New Orleans for several years, I am a big fan of Aaron Neville, but I thought he did not do a great job on the national anthem...sorry Aaron...I've seen better from you. As for the commercials, I think I give the nod to Microsoft this year, however, McGyver and the old Fabio guy made me laugh too.

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My favorite part of this year's bowl game was the pre-game "walk-on" of the past 39 Superbowl MVP's. I guess I did not realize how old I really am, because I was sure by the time they got around to the Superbowl 1, 2, or 3 guys...surely one of them was not still alive. I was impressed by that line up of talent, and some of the 'ole boys really brought the crowd to their feet. I admit, I'm a sucker for emotion...my eyes watered as I watched some of them parade to the platform. Congratulations to Hines Ward, as he joins quite a prestigious group.