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Monday, February 6

Terrorists On The Move Again - Violence Sparks

THE TERRORISTS ARE ON THE MOVE AGAIN. I’m pulling out the soap box and climbing on. People, we must be ever diligent right now…it could be us again any day.

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Thirteen terrorists escaped prison today. Really bad guys, some on death row. One of them, the mastermind of the attack on the USS Cole which killed many US Sailors. This news has prompted a world wide “APB” for these monsters. The whole world is scared to death of where they might be, and “wondering” if they might be “up to something”. HELL YES they are up to something…they are trying to stay low and figure out how to kill you at first chance. KILL YOU…whoever you are, and whatever country you may live in if you are not one of them. That includes their own innocent people that want a different way. Don’t wonder, ACT. However, we remain complacent on the issue, not wanting to spend any more defense money, demanding we bring all our soldiers home and not fight a war, and be gentle with these people and teach them the way to smiles and warm fuzzies. Not possible folks. Sad to say. We must remain diligent and solid in our resolve to root them out and eliminate the terrorist activities. I so wish we could bring all our brave soldiers home, but the sad fact remains, someone has to draw the short straw and make this all happen, and that is our loyal Americans in the military.

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(Does This Photo Look Eerily Familiar?)
While in years just past…some Muslim nations have become “Democratic” societies, but their hard line radical beliefs still prevail. Cartoons published in a Danish newspaper “slamming” Mohammed, have stirred up VERY DRASTIC violence in Beirut. The uproar is so concerning that the Danish government has advised all of their citizens to LEAVE LEBANON AT ONCE.

US News sources are reporting this news, but they are “declining” to publish the cartoons in question “out of respect for the Muslim religion”. I appreciate that fact, as it appalls me whenever I see degradation of our flag, or anti-Jesus propaganda, but guess what? That doesn’t stop American media from reporting on atheist movements, or letting legal complaints go all the way to the Supreme Court to remove “In God We Trust” from or money, or removing any Christian symbols from schools, etc. Come on…the media isn’t worried about the Muslim religion…they aren’t worried about my Christian religion either. They are genuinely worried that our country will again get our ass kicked if they don’t remain “Politically Correct” enough in this matter. I’ve seen some horrible cartoons about Jesus in Playboy magazine, and the “Santa Claus vs. Jesus” episode of South Park in which Santa kicked the shit out of Jesus made it to everyone’s e-mail. I hated them, but I did see the sick humor, and the right of those who published them to have their First Amendment rights to publish what they wish to. I just choose not to buy the magazines, or watch the shows. Simple enough. But NO…NO…let’s not wiretap these radical people’s telephones, or offend them by publishing the cartoons that started the massive violence. That might hurt the Devil’s feelings. Let’s just trash Jesus whenever we think we can get a rating on TV, and let our children think there were no REAL PRINCIPALS that founded this country in 1776.

Watch your backs America. The wolves are on the prowl, and I’m afraid we will see more tragedy in days to come. Let’s unite as a people to eradicate the violence. We must support our foreign allies and hope for them the strength to fight their part of the fight too.