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Friday, February 24

Uncle Sam Wants You - AGAIN

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Sean, who’s blog I read, and who’s courageously serving our country in Tikrit, Iraq recently re-upped for an extended stay in order to further serve his country. THANK YOU Sean! He reminded me of a situation that touched me when I was dealing still. Reno, NV is located in the high desert on the West Coast. There are areas in our desert I’m told that very closely resemble the terrain of Afghanistan. During the heaviest part of our war in Afghanistan, many service personnel came to Reno for mountain training, and would then enjoy some “R & R” in the casinos.

It was during this time I had the chance to deal to hundreds of these young men and women, and I was touched by all their stories and ideas, both good and bad. During the worst of the war (and even still apparently) many enlisted people that are due to get out, are kept in indefinitely, with no choice. It was very intriguing to hear all the conversations between the service people, and even thoughts they shared with me in our time together. Many were honored to stay, but quite a large number of these young people were very agitated and perturbed at the news that they could not get out as scheduled. Having talked at length with so many, I feel like I have some “inside” perspective to the emotion of it all, and it made me very proud of Sean that he is an active reservist, and has chosen to “do it again”. I wish him the best of luck and pray for his safety.