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Saturday, February 18

Zillow - Real Estate Of The Future

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Watch out real estate agents. Zillow is crawling up your backs. Zillow.com has launched and gone public with $32 million in backing. This website allows you to put in an address, find out the worth of the home, comparable sales in the area, and even has global mapping to allow arial zoom-in views of the area. It is said that one day, this will be the real estate agent of the future.

So far though, the site has had some issues. There are complaints of down time occasionally, and values not being correct in some areas. The concept is new, and the owners realize there will be growing pains, but they are confident to make a huge splash on the market. Go to the site, put your address in and play around. If nothing else, it is a fun site with many features.

NOTE: Spooky Fact...I put in my address, the GPS map came immediately up showing every house in my neighborhood. The description and value of my home was right on the money, including exact details. I found this site pretty amazing.