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Saturday, March 25

Texas Cops Arrest People INSIDE Bars

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I am shocked at this story. In additional coverage, Fox news tonight ran a blurb about the fact that TABC agents (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) have arrested approximately 2000 people INSIDE BARS for being drunk.

This is flat crazy, and I agree with Texas Fred at Ace In The Hole about the outrageous nature of this new development. I know that many people PLAN their nights out and take a bus, taxi, or limo to their watering hole of choice, never planning to attempt to drive home. There is NO LAW against twisting off; in fact at times it’s quite therapeutic. These cops have even arrested traveling hotel patrons inside the bars INSIDE the hotel they’re staying in who have no intention, or any way to drive if they wanted to. The outrage is growing in Texas, and I must join the disgruntled citizens. This is wrong and a bad attempt to line the local tax coffers.