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Friday, April 21

Illegal Immigration - Stand Your Ground

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I must speak out once again against the increasing problem of illegal immigration. In the short time now that our representatives of the Government have been out on recess back in their home towns and states has created an increase in the ever-growing protests. They will soon be back in office, and it’s more important than ever that we as individuals speak out.

I am not against immigration. I am remembering back to the first time in my personal life that immigration in its true definition came to mind to me. I actually grew up in the time of segregation. At about sixth grade for me, the black students were de-segregated into our school, and at the same time the Catholic kids came from Cadacism schools. All we knew is that black kids and Mexican kids were coming to our school. We were always neighbors, or at least knew each other in our small town, so it wasn’t a big deal really, except we had new friends. The Mexicans and African American kids were all legal, so it wasn’t like immigration. But I do remember once when a couple of kids showed up at school that were Vietnamese Boat People. How they ended up in West Texas, I’ll never know, but they did. It was so amazing to me that these kids did everything they could to learn English. They were quiet and shy, but they would make astonishing efforts to fit in. They would offer to work hard, they would stay late for anyone that would teach them, and they truly wanted to fit in. Their parents went through all the steps to make it all legal, and from that some of our teachers explained immigration. I was proud to have these people join us as Americans. They were so truly grateful to have a better chance than they had in their home country.

Today, those memories seem so vague. As an adult in a big city, all I see of illegal immigrants is discontent and demands. The horrific thing that I have witnessed with my own eyes in the few past years is how the illegals have joined forces with our own discontented gang-banger youth. Reno has a yearly event that USED to be one of the favored events in the city. It’s Hot August Nights. That is a week when antique car enthusiasts come to town and sport their beautiful Hot-Rod’s and party. In some parts of the city it’s still a great time. But, for the downtown area, a few years back, and for a few years in a row, the California gangs took it over with huge riots downtown resulting in many injuries and a huge police presence. (NOTE: It has gotten MUCH better now). I remember one year when I was still a dealer, and got off work and had to travel only just across the street to my parking garage to get in my car and go home. I was getting off work just at the beginning of trouble. Some of us gathered in a group and hurriedly crossed the street together. This wasn’t the first year this was becoming a problem, and all of the trouble was coming from gangs, and many of these people were not legal. This particular year the group called the Guardian Angels tried to help. THE POLICE CHASED THEM OFF TOO!! These guys were giving of their own time to protect average people like me to cross the street and go home. There were flying beer bottles, gangs rocking cars, tear gas exploded all over, and a trip that usually took 15 minutes, took me over an hour and a half that night. I stayed on my cell phone to my husband during the trip and he was appalled at the noise of breaking glass, yelling, and helicopters flying in close vicinity. That reminds me of what our border residents are facing today, only without the police with tear gas, and without helicopters flying around for help.

These are pictures from Montebello High School in California. (The title photo was from this set also).

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While Montebello High School defends their stance on the issue, SOMEBODY, and other misguided youths perpetrated this egregious offense…I AM SICKENED THAT YOUNG OR NOT, that ANYONE IN THIS COUNTRY FROM WHATEVER BACKGROUND YOU COME FROM can allow our USA flag to be hung UPSIDE DOWN with ANY FLAG from another country above it.

Today, it’s the Minutemen that are giving of their time, and the police and our government are trying to chase them away. This time there are 12,000,000 people violating the law, not just a few hundred? At least in Reno, the fire department and police on horses came down the street in full amour and let loose the fire hoses to literally spray these people back off the street and to wherever they came from. Our borders don’t get that protection. Now, the Minutemen say they will build fences, or a wall, to protect the borders. Quite frankly, I’m surprised there are property owners that don’t already have fences built, but I will support that effort. They say they are ready to spend $10,000,000 to build this wall. With only a $10 donation from 1,000,000 Americans they hope to accomplish that feat. Well, I can cover several of those 1,000,000, and I’m sure they will have no trouble raising the money.

The minutemen say in just the past few weeks since protests have begun, the traffic has increased 400%. People, that is just not acceptable! You will notice if you are interested that I have a link on my sidebar to the Minutemen. Another organization that is really trying to get out the people’s word on this matter is Grassfire.org. I recently signed a petition from their site, and now I get e-mails regarding their efforts. They really seem to be a centered bunch of folks, and their efforts and methods are NOT radical. If you are so inclined, listen to this audio conference call among members regarding the efforts against illegal immigration. It’s 26 minutes long, so if nothing else, bookmark the recording until you can listen further. You may also, for a minimal donation to the group have them send a direct fax to your particular representative stating your views against amnesty and border security.

Also people, think about things like this… I have heard some large business people from these areas say that it’s just impossible to know given several hundred employees if they are all legal. They say that when their employees give social security cards and say they are legal, that’s enough. Well, I say to you…BULLSHIT. I recently got correspondence from Social Security, and after going through a verification process, I can now go online and VERIFY the legitimacy of my employees’ numbers. I run a truck shop, and I’m sorry that not many people of other ethnic origins are qualified in the skill of diesel mechanics, but I am happy and proud to have two very good technicians now at my shop that are Hispanic, and American Indian. They are legal, and they are valued members of our staff.

One of my son’s high school teachers (one of few really good ones) made a comment to his class that I find profound. "The invasion of so many illegal immigrants is like a virus that comes into our bodies. A virus will attack just enough cells in the body to cause serious disturbance and debilitate us from our normal selves. However, a virus is smart enough not to destroy, because then, it would have no home." So remember that. Twelve MILLION people are like 12,000,000 virus bacteria attacking us just enough to debilitate our country to the point that we can no longer be ourselves and take care of ourselves. When they trash our country, and we are a crippled mess like where they came from…where will they go next, and where will we be left?

Keep in mind that in a couple of weeks Cinco De Mayo will take place. I fear that outrageous conflict may take place on that holiday. Be strong and peacefully stand your ground and help those immigrants that want to do it the legal way. Oust and deport those that DON’T. I will now step down off the soap box now and enjoy the start of my weekend :)