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Tuesday, April 4

I'm Brian J. Doyle - I Would Like To See Your Naked Cancer Recovering Body Please

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I am so disappointed in the fourth ranking official of the Department Of Homeland Security. Brian J. Doyle. In this day in age, HOW COULD SOMEONE IN HIS POSITION AND PLACE OF STATURE dare do something so egregious. This MORON was arrested today after having been caught having extremely sexual conversations with a 14 year old girl over the internet. According to the TV clip I watched, he was arrested at his computer engaged in these conversations that had been taking place since March 12, 2006.

Lucky for our country, the 14 year old girl was an undercover agent posing as a child. He encouraged her to get a web-cam and send him naked photos of her, and he had sent her sexually explicit porn clips via e-mail. He is so astronomically STUPID, he even told her that he was the Deputy Press Secretary of Homeland Security, and advised her to erase every correspondence he had with her immediately. So, not only is he a SICK BASTARD, he was smart enough to realize that what he was doing was illegal. If this asshole is this “brilliant” no telling what other parts of our national security he has compromised.

If all this isn’t bad enough, the TV coverage revealed that the officer / agent was posing as a recovering Lymphoma cancer patient, and that didn’t faze Mr. Doyle. He still wanted naked photos of her and invited her to perform “unmentionable” sexual acts upon herself while thinking of him.

It’s a good thing I’m not the President, as I would find a way to go back to the old days of true American justice, and this sick prick would be minus a prick after I signed a Presidential order to have his balls chopped off on national television. The PC crowd won’t allow it, but if President Bush had a hair on his ass he would go on national television and chastise this creep to the fullest extent of an old fashioned tongue bashing. At the very least, he should be fired and placed into a nut house for the sexually demonstrative and left to rot.

Again, some people’s children. I feel so sorry for his family, and for our President that had no idea this crazy idiot charmed the political world long enough to rise to this kind of position.

SAVE THE CHILDREN – TURN THIS GUY LOOSE IN A STANDARD PRISON where baby rapists are cared for properly.