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Sunday, April 2

My Son Wrote To Bill O'Reilly - I'm Impressed

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As of late, the aliens have suddenly come down and overtaken my youngest son’s body with a new child. This new child is really cool. The arguing has ceased by quite a bit, his focus on school and important matters has really increased, and just over all he has made one of those wondrous transitions that all of our children make from time to time.

The immigration bill problem has caused quite a raucous here in our city lately, and it’s affected our high school children as well. Usually when my husband and I drag home from a long day at work, I always stop in to my son’s room to give him a hello or a hug. He’s usually on his computer and can’t get to the “minimize” button quick enough to hide his instant messaging with the local kids at school, or getting busted from looking at cool dirt bike websites, or anything but homework.

However, the last time I came into his room, he was open and when I approached him on his computer, I asked him what he was doing. He said, “I’m writing an e-mail to Bill O’Reilly. I was shocked! I told him I thought that was cool, and asked him if I could read it. He said sure, and I did, and I was really impressed with his approach and writing at his age of a junior in high school. I ask him if I could have permission to re-print his e-mail on my blog, and he agreed.

I’m so proud of my son for making an attempt at his young age to make a difference. I wanted to share his writing with all of you. I doubt he’ll ever get a response back, but it would be so cool if Bill O’Reilly just sent him a copy of his book Factor For Kids. The e-mail is as follows:

Dear Bill,

Over the past week or two I have sat at home watching what has been going on with the illegal and I emphasize ILLEGAL immigrants. Every bit of news I watch or your interviews on The Factor, I sit with my jaw dropped in awe. What is this country coming to? I am currently a junior in high school and I never used to watch the news, until the past month or so I simply can’t believe the idiocy going on. The recently proposed immigrant bill is anything but against the illegals. It has always been in the past and still is, that the US openly accepts people of every race, nationality, or religion. If you go about it the right way. After all we are the "Nation of Nations." The illegals in this country are doing nothing but taking advantage of the honest, tax paying, LEGAL citizens (even the Latino people that are legal and pay taxes). I heard a statistic that 27% percent of our penal system is illegal immigrants (maybe you can verify that). I was at one of the hospitals here in Reno last year and one of the nurses told me that 55% of their yearly budget goes to pay for illegal immigrants without insurance. That is flat out ridiculous! One of the biggest issues in politics these days is how to lower the price of health care; I think that would be a darn good place to start! What happens when these illegals have kids or are injured and visit the hospital? It’s the honest, tax paying, American citizens that are hurt by it and have to afford the load of the illegal's hospital bills as well as their own. It’s a huge injustice to the American people who are citizens no matter what race or nationality you come from. How long is our government going to put this off? It’s already got this bad and it’s just going to snowball. One of my father's best friends in Texas is a member of the Minute Men. They sit on the US side of the border in Texas at night with night vision and watch an average of 20 to 30 people come across this two mile section EVERY NIGHT. The ranchers that have owned that land, in many cases a few generations are going bankrupt. The illegals cut their fence, dump trash, and they can’t protect their land because our government won’t let them. They lose horses, cattle, have things stolen from their place, and cant afford to rebuild fence every week and are starting to go broke. When are we going to help them and every other honest tax paying citizen with the load that illegals have put on this country? All of the protests and marching sometimes disgracing American flags that has been done against this bill is idiocy. In the Reno Gazette Journal there was an article on kids walking out of class to protest, and on Monday 700 kids walked out of school in the Washoe County School District. Along with today I know some white kids that weren't going to school because there have been threats of local gang members from xxxxxxxx xxxxxx or XXX were packing weapons to school and their school wasn't the only one. One of my parent's employees was driving in his company truck which has an American flag from the logo of our truck shop, American Truck & Trailer Repair and he was flipped off and had obscenities shouted at her by a group of Mexican men. Its time to get this problem under control before it’s to late, the American citizens should not have to bear this burden the illegals who don't pay taxes have put upon us. Eventually the problem will be dealt with hopefully peacefully by passing this immigrant bill and starting now.


Reno, Nevada