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Tuesday, April 18

WE THE PEOPLE - What About Us?

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If I have any readers left, thank you for your patience in my lapse of late. Hell week is over, taxes are done, quarterlies are figured, filed, paid for…and now I have the privilege to take a moment to write and get back to my blog for my pleasure and release, and hopefully to enlighten or entertain some of you. The Soap Box is open and sudsy tonight.

There are so many issues to talk about. There are so many points to argue. For alert Americans like most of my readers are, and like so many of you who publish articles that I read seem to be, the issues facing all of us are quite frankly overwhelming sometimes. The blatant truth is…shit is F’d up across the board. From top to bottom, from side to side, things are skewed maybe beyond repair. Knowing that without a doubt, NOW what do we do?

I read all of the ideas presented. I listen at end to news channels, and I DO, believe it or not, as a business owner, and concerned parent, etc. ponder our choices as normal citizens in today’s times. I am concerned. I agree on one basic point…our media is cheating us out of the plain and simple truth on a daily basis. Texas Fred has a good point, in that we should DEMAND that the media start telling us the TRUTH. This would certainly be a good start. If you agree with that first point, click HERE to sign a petition that may or may not do any good, but signing it can’t be bad :).

After much thought, I believe this. If it were possible, I believe that we should eliminate our Party system. Eliminate Democrat or Republican. Let’s just be American. Listen to candidates and let their values or policies stand for themselves, and vote for the best person. Well, we all know that won’t happen.

I am SO SICK AND TIRED OF ALL OF OUR POLITICIANS right now, both Republicans and Democrats alike. Our whole policy has become about shit stirring. Plain and simple. WE THE PEOPLE are just average folks out here making a living, owning companies, supporting employees, working for bosses while just trying to get ahead ourselves…and ALL those “supposedly” deserving people WE elected for office are just QUITE SIMPLY IGNORING US, and all that we stand for. WE THE PEOPLE are the ONLY ONES that can EVER CHANGE the current state of affairs.

The Democrats spend endless hours on the time clock that you and I pay for creating ingenious ways to trash the Republicans. Because we the Republicans are currently the “majority” holders in the Congress and Senate, we fight back just enough to make some kind of stand, but even WE are spending too much of the tax payers time and money defending the assaults of the Democrats. Our great nation of America, the USA has become a bad episode of “American Idol”, or “Desperate Housewives”. It’s appalling and scary for real people. We have become “American Idiots”, and “Desperate Constituents”. The scariest of all TRUTHS is that we’ve become OK with it all, because DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT is “somehow unfathomable” in our minds at this point. Every American sits at home in fear of the present situation and is STUPID enough to feel that “my one vote”, “oh, I disagree, but WHO would listen to ‘little ole me’…”. GUESS WHAT MEN AND WOMEN OF THE USA…we are the people. WE ARE THE PEOPLE…SAY IT AGAIN…WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

Our government, our constitution written sometime around 1776 by insightful Forefathers said that our government would be BY the people, FOR the people, and WE THE PEOPLE. WE have to TAKE IT BACK. Do not laugh at me, nor take my following ideas LIGHTLY IN ANY WAY.

I know that immigration is OUT OF CONTROL. I realize that 13,000,000 (that’s thirteen MILLION humans are here illegally). I know that paper work wise, logistically wise, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO PUNISH OR FIND, OR DEPORT THIRTEEN MILLION PEOPLE. But hey… how did we know it was 13,000,000? We must ALREADY HAVE AN IDEA of WHO THEY ARE, and WHERE THEY ARE, or how would we know there is 13,000,000? That’s because SOMEBODY screwed up and let that many people in the country when it WAS ALREADY ILLEGAL and turned a blind eye.

We bitch about our national deficit. It’s now in the TRILLIONS. Gee, Oh My God…how did it get there? SOMEBODY approved spending WAY OVER THE BUDGET to get it there. You and I cannot overdraw our bank accounts by ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, much less the amount our elected government has. And, our elected government consists of both Democrats and Republicans.

OK, the war. Let’s talk about the war. WE HAD EVERY RIGHT to attack Afghanistan for the Taliban’s part in 9-11. I personally believe that there WERE AND ARE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Here’s our mistake. WE DID NOT MAKE A GLASS PARKING LOT out of both countries when we had a chance. Here’s the deal. Take an average man that finds himself with no other alternative than to kick another man’s ass for an egregious offense. The good guy knows he must beat the other guy to a point that he may not get up and start the whole confrontation over again. It should be the same in war. Annilation or close to it is the only way to stop the aggression. Maybe you don’t agree, that is OK too. Because with MY PLAN that COULD WORK, at least I would know that more true Americans voted against me than with me, not just taking the word of the paid media, or the dumb ass politicians that are only about them.

Here is my idea that I only could HOPE that all of you could help me get out to the public and support. LET’S BRING THE CONTROL OF THE COUNTRY BACK TO WE THE PEOPLE. It’s pretty simple really. Keep the politicians in their current role. Let them draw up the bills and legislations, just GIVE IT BACK TO US TO DECIDE. I think it’s SO possible. It takes our government MONTHS AND MONTHS, or sometimes on a hard issue YEARS AND YEARS to get a true vote. Let’s give we the people a chance to vote on every bill and law. That would give the Senators and Congressmen and women a thing or two to think about wouldn’t it? And don’t even sit back and say THAT WOULD NOT WORK. It WILL.

I know this. My electric company manages to get a bill out to me every month. So does my cable company, my telephone company, and so does my bank provide for me every month a statement. My credit card companies bill me too. Guess what…I also PAY THEM every month. If I don’t, MY SERVICE IS DISCONTINUED… Period! I don’t pay “the man”, “the man” STOPS giving me what I need. It could be the same with government. All of the good tax paying citizens, and registered voters of this nation are easy to find. Send me a ballot in the mail each time an issue is voted on, and I will mail it back, or go online, and respond. You have my numbers…my account number, my social security number, my name, my birthdate, my DNA sample, whatever… they have it. If I don’t vote in a timely manner just like not paying my bill in a timely manner, then my vote doesn’t count. It would be the same as not paying my bill. I GUARANTEE you would get a more accurate idea of what America wants or needs to run this country than we currently do with our blow-hards that are only concerned about what hits our TV’s and our minds. WE HAVE LET THESE IDIOTS ACROSS THE BOARD IN WASHINGTON think that we are simple minded and STUPID about what is really going on. Yet we sit back and do NOTHING. Come on people, let’s do something and write letters, make phone calls, protest about something that can really make a difference. I will if you will. Help me figure out how. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our country. We need to DEMAND as a conglomerate people that our GOVERNMENT does and says what WE THE PEOPLE wish them to say. We need to DEMAND that from now on, they do NOT mistake our kindness, and being laid back for STUPIDITY. We are not stupid as a people, we are just lazy and AFRAID. Help me help you all.