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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, May 31

New Business - Progress Report

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Well, it's official I guess. We have a logo. I thought it was a bit busy, but after many tweaks, my guys loved it, so here's the new look. Since I'm so busy that this is all I can put my mind to these days, this is what you all get to hear about.

The City Zoning Officer was more than kind, and that issue seems to have resolved itself, WHHEEWWW! I was having a mild stroke over that delimma when it seemed we might be a no go, after we already went :)

We had our first few customers come in, met with lots of new vendors and so far, so good. Slow but sure. (I think I should have put a turtle in my logo :)

Another week or so, and I think I'll have all the kinks worked out and be licensed appropriately and then it will be balls out.

ENGLISH - Why Do I Have To Push #1

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Tuesday, May 30

The Cost Of Being An Unstable Person

Cost of bare assets from loser guy on his way out: 20K

Cost of changing phone numbers: No referral on old numbers due to loser's debt.

Battling with City over zoning problems loser knew about: BIG PAIN IN THE ASS

Damage Control over loser's past problems: Embarrassing but OK due to present owner's reputation.

Knowing this will all work out and I will be a success: PRICELESS

Soon, the unstable photo of myself above will be replaced with a big smile. I cannot believe though one human can cause endless hours of "fixin'". I knew there would be some of this going in, but I'm thinking...I'M READY FOR ANOTHER HOLIDAY :) I miss all of you guys and blogging regularly, but I'm on a mission right now, and I don't lose when I'm in the "elbows and assholes" mode. Thanks for your patience.

Collins Lake, CA - Nice Weekend Getaway

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WOW! I haven't gone anywhere on a holiday in several years, but we forced ourselves to relax and have some fun over Memorial Day at Collins Lake, CA. We took our 5th wheel trailer and lots of alcohol and met up with a few other couples and camped out for three days.

We ate well, fished a lot (to not much avail :), drank ourselves silly a couple of times, and just did nothing. One couple's daughter brought a friend and I actually partook in smoking a "hooka", which is perfectly legal, but looks like the bong from hell and is big enough to be a piece of furniture. Peach flavored Egyptian tobacco we had...

No make-up and loose T-Shirts, jeans, and a swimming suit was the attire for the occasion. How nice to just shower, brush my hair and call it good. Lots of laughs, the "remember when" stories, and lots of lounge time.

I hope all of you had a great weekend too!

Wednesday, May 24

Dynamic Diesel, Inc. - My Mother's Day Gift :)

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ANNOUNCING THE NEW OPENING OF DYNAMIC DIESEL, INC. In lieu of flowers and dinner, I got a new company for Mother's Day.

It's Thursday afternoon just before Mother's Day weekend. My husband comes into my office and askes how the money situation is, says he has something brewing. I'm busy, and don't really ask, I just give him a report.

Friday morning, the hubby fetches me up in the truck and takes me around the corner. Before I knew it, we bought some assets from a guy in trouble, agreed to a new lease on a building, and before I knew it, we had another new company in the making. We agreed to start up on Monday, and off I went to a massive project. I tease him that most women get flowers and dinner on Mother's Day, I would have been happy with that. I barely have time now to keep up, much less enjoy the simple pleasures like blogging, but life is good (and busy), and our little empire is growing.

Over the Mother's Day weekend, I was up until about 3:00am each night downloading forms, filling out licensing documents, drawing up a new S-Corporation, and setting up a new company on accounting software. We survived the first week of start up. I spent an entire day visiting each of the governmental agencies that will be requiring tax payments and/or issuing licenses. Daily meetings with new vendors, setting up accounts, insurance, and a new office in general has kept me from my pet, the blog. I think I must realize that my blog has to be a pasttime, and a hobby. Each time I get really into it on a daily basis, life in general keeps me from having the time to write...but hey, a girl could have a lot worse things to complain about. Wish us luck on the new venture, and keep checking in, as I have time to post I will. I have lot's of good things to write, and heck, one of these days I'll have time to do it often :)

Wednesday, May 10

Charles Barkley - More Entertaining Than David Blaine

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In my opinion, anybody who puts themselves inside a block of ice, or stays submerged underwater for days, or wants to hold their breath in chains for “hopefully” nine minutes is an idiot. Real magicians like David Copperfield, or many others who truly do some amazing things on TV are quite entertaining.

I don’t get involved in the crazy specials like the one just aired with David Blaine and his attempt to beat Houdini at holding his breath. I always say though, good for him. He’s found a way to make a LOT of money doing something he loves. Whether I like it or not, I support his efforts (although goofy).

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The point of this short story is this. (I tried to find a photo of the NBA final’s post game show where Charles Barkley mimicked David Blaine drowning alive...I could not find one). If you did not watch that game, and did not see that clip, you missed out on some great comedy. Barkley attempted to stick his head into a fish tank hoping that he could hold his breath for even one minute. He made 24 seconds. He blamed his cohort on the show for making him laugh too much.

It reminded me of one magical time in which I got to deal cards to Mr. Barkley when he was playing blackjack at the casino where I worked in Reno. This guy is SOOO funny and such a pleasure to hang around with. He’ll never read this blog, nor will anyone ever care, but it’s the small truly pleasurable memories we get once in a while in our lives that make remembering so good, and daydreaming such a peaceful endeavor. Celebrities that I’ve met over the years have been for the most part very disappointing. They are usually arrogant, demanding, and quite frankly “so much better” than anyone else that their mere presence is more disturbing than enjoyable.

I just wanted to give a hat’s off to Mr. Barkley in this NBA finals time, and state on record that I truly enjoy his commentary during the games, and thank him for an hour of his time once that will last as a lifetime memory. One never knows what simple moment in their lives might create a lasting memory for someone else.

Your Average, Ordinary, Everyday SUPERHERO...

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OUCH! Boys will be boys, and men will be men. Enjoy this short video sent to me. It's a few clips of men "wiping out" in their daily adventures. It's amazing what some people actually try to do. My mama would say, "GEEZZZ! Think before you act and maybe you'd fair better :)"

The POT At The End Of The Rainbow

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This photo cracked me up! Someone finally captured the pot at the end of the rainbow on film! Maybe it's because at my business we work on Sani-Hut and Johnny-On-The-Spot trucks from time to time, and maybe this photo should be their advertising theme :)

Monday, May 8

Patrick Kennedy - Drama King

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I’m SOOOO shocked! Another drug addicted, memory deprived, depressed Kennedy! Who keeps voting members of this family into office! Gee, he had an accident that he doesn’t remember. He does remember that he took a Phenergan, but doesn’t remember if he took an Ambian. He can’t remember waking up that morning, but does remember a female “friend” was over in the wee hours of the morning and tried to discourage him from getting into his vehicle. He definitely does remember that he did not have anything to drink that night, but doesn’t remember the circumstances surrounding the cause of his accident. Now he’s playing the “feel sorry for me” card confessing prescription drug addiction and long struggles with depression over his years in public service. What a bunch of hypocritical load of crap! The apple definitely does not fall far from the Ted tree. Kennedy, the most cursed family in the USA..., oh yeah...God helps those that help themselves...that explains a lot.

Now, poor Patrick must make yet another trip to rehab. I must say, this family is a big bunch of drama kings. The messes this family has made, and yet they profess to have our nation’s best interest at heart. This article cracked me up, and I believe best portrays the real situation.

Volkswagen Autostadt Facility - SOME SHOWROOM!

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What a showroom! The Volkswagen Autostadt facility in Wolfsburg, Germany is not only a great place to buy a car, but also a tourist attraction. Visitors may visit the state of the art car design studio, or test their nerve at the all terrain course. If you decide to buy a new car while there among the shops or cinemas, they will hand deliver it to you from one of the 20-story car towers, delivered through glass doors straight to you, the VIP.

Do You Remember These? - Trip Down Memory Lane

Ah, Do You Remember These?

Memory Lane...such a swell place to go back to. I’ve always been a sucker for the Statler Brothers. As a young country redneck chick I loved their music. “Do You Remember These” was one of their best songs. Also, whether some of the items I remember myself, or the others that I don’t... I remember my parents telling me great stories about. All of the items mentioned in the song were cool, and most are long gone now. I intended to “reproduce” this list for the Soap Box, but I really don’t think I could have compiled it any better than this. Please take a moment to CLICK HERE and take a fond stroll down memory lane and remember the good times. This site is a great compilation of everything the Statler Brothers meant this song to be.

Monday, May 1

May 1st Immigration Protests

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Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes, “A Day Without Immigrants”. I’m sorry for those of you in big cities that had huge inconveniences from these disturbances, but I must say that for the most part, I believe Reno, NV fared fairly well.

MyWay.com had published an article prior to this hyped up day that proclaimed: “There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We're going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno," said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies credited with rattling Congress as it debates the issue." It would appear according to news stories I heard today that only 500,000 people demonstrated in LA…(like that’s a few).

“We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally)," Rodriguez said. "That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1.” I think according to his averages, the day flopped, although in many cities it was a huge mess.

In Reno, there were more than 5000 that protested, and in Elko, NV about 300 protested. It cracked me up the different ways our three local TV stations covered the news. Nevada is holding on to its “Good ‘Ole Boy and Wild Wild West” status by a thin thread since so many thousand people from the “People’s (Liberal) Republic of California” have moved here. Years ago, Nevada would have rounded them all up and sent them out if they were illegal. Today, you can obviously see the political correctness in the way the news was covered. While none of our stations really stated an opinion (surprisingly Channel 2 closest to it, and I usually rate them last) the news was covered really differently by each channel.

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KOLO TV Channel 8 in Reno I believe had the best story. They reported that American flags were prominent 20-1 in the display. Verbal exchanges were exchanged among some, but no violence was reported. These were the “sayings” that came from today’s march…

“Don’t panic, we’re just Hispanic”

“When pilgrims came to the USA, did they have green cards?”

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KRNV TV Channel 4 in Reno had the shortest story, but had a nice video to go with it. They mentioned that an estimated 150,000 immigrants live in Reno and that after today’s march a candlelight vigil is scheduled for this evening. When watching the video I was most disappointed to find that the last casino I worked for in this city before opening my own company seemed to totally support the efforts. This establishment’s human resource director totally swallowed the politically correct pill to state that they were proud to have so many immigrant workers (by the way most are legal and I support them too) and that about 100 of 1600 employees were not at work (mind you if 100 from every large casino in Reno left, that’s a LOT). They boasted of pride that the vast majority of those that were not at work made prior arrangements to be gone, and managers proudly stepped up to fill in. I guarantee if I would have wanted a day off to protest something white, or anything at all during the time I worked for them, they would have laughed at me. Candlelight vigils are for deaths and sad things, and I think it’s appropriate. It’s damn sad that our streets and good candles are going to be wasted for this effort for illegal immigrants.

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KTVN TV, Channel 2 in Reno had the most conservative view of the “pilgrimage”, and reported what small portion of the dark side that might have existed. They came up with the title statement of this post, and posted the only details of verbal exchanges between protesters. They mentioned an exchange between marchers and the leader of the SOS – “Save Our States-Save Our Sovereignty” group.

It amazed me that even though the local news took a truly generic view of the matter. Channel 8 that had the best story, had a politically correct generic photo. Channel 4 had the only true photo of the march, and the most conservative station Channel 2 also chose a banner photo for their story.

I believe even Fox News understated today’s march. However, they had the very best photo from Chicago. (Fox was my title photo).

Nobody wants to be “that guy” that publicly states the damn truth. The illegal immigrants should be rounded up and put on a bus back to their home country, no matter what that country is. The hard working immigrants that do it correctly and become citizens and go through the process properly should be publicly praised and named by name and made good examples.

The Minutemen should build their wall, and we should treat good immigrants like gold the same way we treat native citizens. I would like to also mention that as a small mom and pop business, I only have one Native American and one Hispanic employee, but I made it a point today to go and shake the hand of my Hispanic employee and state that with the crazy things going on today in our Nation, that it was a pleasure to have him at work today. He works hard and is one of us.

Police Release Sketch of Robbery Suspect

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