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Wednesday, May 10

Charles Barkley - More Entertaining Than David Blaine

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In my opinion, anybody who puts themselves inside a block of ice, or stays submerged underwater for days, or wants to hold their breath in chains for “hopefully” nine minutes is an idiot. Real magicians like David Copperfield, or many others who truly do some amazing things on TV are quite entertaining.

I don’t get involved in the crazy specials like the one just aired with David Blaine and his attempt to beat Houdini at holding his breath. I always say though, good for him. He’s found a way to make a LOT of money doing something he loves. Whether I like it or not, I support his efforts (although goofy).

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The point of this short story is this. (I tried to find a photo of the NBA final’s post game show where Charles Barkley mimicked David Blaine drowning alive...I could not find one). If you did not watch that game, and did not see that clip, you missed out on some great comedy. Barkley attempted to stick his head into a fish tank hoping that he could hold his breath for even one minute. He made 24 seconds. He blamed his cohort on the show for making him laugh too much.

It reminded me of one magical time in which I got to deal cards to Mr. Barkley when he was playing blackjack at the casino where I worked in Reno. This guy is SOOO funny and such a pleasure to hang around with. He’ll never read this blog, nor will anyone ever care, but it’s the small truly pleasurable memories we get once in a while in our lives that make remembering so good, and daydreaming such a peaceful endeavor. Celebrities that I’ve met over the years have been for the most part very disappointing. They are usually arrogant, demanding, and quite frankly “so much better” than anyone else that their mere presence is more disturbing than enjoyable.

I just wanted to give a hat’s off to Mr. Barkley in this NBA finals time, and state on record that I truly enjoy his commentary during the games, and thank him for an hour of his time once that will last as a lifetime memory. One never knows what simple moment in their lives might create a lasting memory for someone else.