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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, May 24

Dynamic Diesel, Inc. - My Mother's Day Gift :)

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ANNOUNCING THE NEW OPENING OF DYNAMIC DIESEL, INC. In lieu of flowers and dinner, I got a new company for Mother's Day.

It's Thursday afternoon just before Mother's Day weekend. My husband comes into my office and askes how the money situation is, says he has something brewing. I'm busy, and don't really ask, I just give him a report.

Friday morning, the hubby fetches me up in the truck and takes me around the corner. Before I knew it, we bought some assets from a guy in trouble, agreed to a new lease on a building, and before I knew it, we had another new company in the making. We agreed to start up on Monday, and off I went to a massive project. I tease him that most women get flowers and dinner on Mother's Day, I would have been happy with that. I barely have time now to keep up, much less enjoy the simple pleasures like blogging, but life is good (and busy), and our little empire is growing.

Over the Mother's Day weekend, I was up until about 3:00am each night downloading forms, filling out licensing documents, drawing up a new S-Corporation, and setting up a new company on accounting software. We survived the first week of start up. I spent an entire day visiting each of the governmental agencies that will be requiring tax payments and/or issuing licenses. Daily meetings with new vendors, setting up accounts, insurance, and a new office in general has kept me from my pet, the blog. I think I must realize that my blog has to be a pasttime, and a hobby. Each time I get really into it on a daily basis, life in general keeps me from having the time to write...but hey, a girl could have a lot worse things to complain about. Wish us luck on the new venture, and keep checking in, as I have time to post I will. I have lot's of good things to write, and heck, one of these days I'll have time to do it often :)