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Thursday, June 15

Reno Sniper Murders Estranged Wife - Shoots Judge Chuck Weller Allegedly

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Well, as I would like to think you are all waiting with baited breath for my “scoop” on the Reno sniper story, I know it’s not true. But tonight I will mount the soap box to tell my little story. I had a whole post almost written on the tragedy the night it happened, and quite frankly just got “too tired” to finish it the way I wanted it to be, complete with links and hot pictures.

I’m actually glad, as the story has changed every day since the incident. My oh my…it REALLY IS WEIRD to live in THE CITY where a story breaks that makes national news. Especially when you have actually seen the “guy in question” before, and so many people know him. We have 3 major TV stations in our city, and half a dozen or so radio stations. I swear, the day the story broke; all of them had a little different account of the news.

TRUTH: It was Reno’s tiny 9-11. Sirens go off all over town, phone calls and e-mails begin to fly…there has been a sniper shooting at the courthouse downtown and a judge has been shot! That’s a loud bullet in the ear… Nine city blocks in the heart of Reno were locked up tightly in a matter of minutes debilitating normal business in the heart of the Biggest Little City In The World. Judge Chuck Weller of family court was standing at his window that overlooks the Truckee River, and was gunned down. Early reports said he took 4 shots to the chest and was rushed to Washoe Medical Center. His assistant was with him, and she took glass shrapnel to her body, but was treated and released. Later reports said SWAT teams and Bomb Squad personnel found “suspicious findings” in a nearby parking garage at the judge’s car. Later, that report became not true. The judge also did not receive four shots, but now reports say “at least one bullet hit him”. When it actually hit FOX NEWS, I swear I was driving to work the next morning and the reporter said Judge Weller was shot DEAD.

Judge Chuck Weller has always been to my knowledge an upstanding judge and a pillar of the court. However, later reports say that many web sites report his behavior in court as abusive and raunchy. I take that with a grain of salt, as if you are the asshole in family court that doesn’t pay child support, or has a real need to have your children taken away…of course there will be a 50% rate of complaint with his findings…”DUH”.

THANK GOD!!! Judge Weller is going to be OK after some rehabilitation. He has been released from the hospital to a “secured location”. I think all of us locals probably know where that is, but for his sake and his family’s sake, all will leave that alone. NOW that we know more, not to take away from Judge Weller’s demise, but the tragedy is truly the BIG PICTURE HERE.

Within 24 hours of the event, a suspect was named. Darren Mack, one of the owners of the Palace Jewelry and Loan… (One of the biggest and most successful pawn shops in town), became the alleged shooter. This came about as he reportedly MURDERED his estranged wife IN THEIR OWN HOME WHILE THEIR 7 YR OLD DAUGHTER WAS IN THE HOME and then went to shoot the judge presiding over their very heated divorce case.

I HAVE SEEN THIS GUY BEFORE… He was present when I bought a nice gold ring from their store for my husband’s grandmother. This very exclusive pawn shop is directly across the street from the casino where I worked the last 7 years of my casino career. This guy is a rich dude prominent in the Reno community. His wife Charla, stabbed in cold blood by him was a drop dead gorgeous woman who was a stay at home Mom, and raised their daughter and helped to raise his early teenager children (one boy, one girl) from another marriage.

Alleged reports say that during their heated divorce, his income was reported to be $44,000 per month. “They” say that he warned Charla Mack that she should take minimal child support payments of just short of $900 per month and be happy. He told her that if she tried to get more, she would regret it. His net worth was supposedly reported to be 9.4 MILLION dollars, and Judge Weller ordered him to pay $839 per month in child support, but $10,000 per month in spousal support to Charla, as they lived in a $1,000,000 home in an exclusive gated community in the Reno area.

He asked a friend to meet him and take the daughter to her grandparent’s house. The friend showed up and was in the home when Darren Mack sped past him with a towel wrapped around his hand coming out of the bedroom. Shortly later, the family dog was barking frantically and came into the home covered in fresh blood. This friend sped from the home with the child and took her to safety and called the authorities to report that he was in fear that Charla Mack was in danger. Sure enough, the police came to the home and found her stabbed to death in the garage. Supposedly, Darren Mack then went and placed himself in a parking garage downtown with a high velocity rifle and shot Judge Weller through the window. Then, there are reports that he met a friend for coffee at a local coffee shop and acted totally normal.

Reports also say that Mack recently filed for bankruptcy and sold his shares in the long standing family business. I WANT TO KNOW WHO CAN FILE BANKRUPTCY IN THIS COUNTRY THAT HAS 9.4 MILLION DOLLARS. I can probably guarantee you that Judge Weller doesn’t have even 2 million dollars while he tries to satisfy countless losers in family court. Then, he takes a 25% side to one woman who deserves it married to a guy since 1995, and gets shot! That’s bullshit.

The weirdest part of my story…I was sitting at the local watering hole (regulars only usually), and some odd guy was sitting about two stools down from me and my husband, and he starts spouting off that he knows this Mack guy, and his father used to work for the late Mr. Mack before the business was turned over to the sons. He says the sons are all REALLY GOOD KIDS, but they happen to choose BAD WOMEN. He says that all sons of this family end up with “downtown type” girls and they stay with them for a while and then collect. I get that, I spent twenty years dealing with “downtown type” girls. But, usually a gal on the run for money doesn’t rack up the community points this woman did, and they usually don’t last 11 years.

Also, another acquaintance of mine stated that her girlfriend dated Darren Mack last year, and he appeared to be a really nice guy. However, she broke up with him abruptly, and she assumed that it was because of the heated divorce and too much aggravation over no gain. I trust this woman, and she’s not the only one that said he’s a nice guy. Other reports have him (while trying to convince Judge Weller of the poor mouth story) off to another country every other week…Costa Rica, or Mexico, or the like… engaging in alternative lifestyle parties and sexual deviance with multiple women on lavish vacations, but not paying his child support or making the mortgage payments on the lavish Mack home.

Big buzz in the Biggest Little City. The MAIN INTEREST NOW, is to find this guy before he hurts someone else. FBI profilers think he’s planned this for a while, and with access to any weapon of choice owning a major pawn shop, he’s armed and dangerous. FBI believes that he may have acquired another identity before the crimes, and may have stashed money out of state or country. He rented a silver Ford Explorer from the airport, and after shutting down several flights on the day of the deed, they have yet to find that vehicle. His burnt red Hummer 2 was found abandoned on a local street (not far from my neighborhood). He is very much still on the run, and I hope for the sake of many they find him soon. Following below, if anyone is interested, I will post the FIRST DAY news stories, and then post the links to today’s stories. Seriously, if anyone reading this has seen this guy, it’s a nationwide manhunt, please call your local authorities and report his whereabouts…

FIRST DAY: Channel 2 KTNVChannel 4 KRNVChannel 8 KOLO

TODAY: Channel 2 KTNVChannel 4 KRNVChannel 8 KOLO