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Wednesday, July 19

Comics Too Similar - Conspiracy Theory?

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I just recently watched all of these guys in one evening. I realized some things that made me say hmmmnnn. The game of comedy may have some new rules, or maybe some subtle things are happening within the psyche of each performer, or maybe both.

I opened the mail, and was delighted that the new Blue Comedy Tour 2 had arrived in its Net-Flix package. I watched the new edition, and laughed my butt off as usual. I did notice however from the design of the intro of the DVD, that the redneck foursome has definitely acquired a universal following and might be considered today’s “rat pack”. Bill Engval has most certainly improved from the prior debut DVD. His material was fresh and funny. Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy were hilarious as always, however I’m afraid that the excessive drinking is taking its toll on Mr. White. He looks much aged and a lot heavier. It appears that the bottle does have him in a grip, giving me the opinion that he is the new Dean Martin in the pack. Jeff Foxworthy did not seem to me to be as funny as in times past. I think he’s probably the one very busy with all the corporate decisions and business end of Blue Collar Comedy, and just isn’t feeling the “inspiration” in his writing of new material these days. All in all, I truly enjoyed the DVD, and know these four are buddies, so I didn’t play much into it all while listening when one of the four would comment on a prior joke of one of the other comics. It’s common for this group to successfully banter off one another.

However, when finished with Blue Comedy Tour 2, I suppose I hadn’t had my comedy fix for the evening, so I flipped over to my handy Charter Video On Demand option and watched the newest HBO special by Dennis Miller, and then watched Bill Maher’s latest special comedy routine on HBO. Here is where my conspiracy theory kicks in. Dennis Miller while still brilliantly funny to the higher intellectual crowd, looks like shit. I think he’s been overstaying his welcome with Ron White in the local bars. He looks rough and has gained a lot of weight as well. Bill Maher’s special was very well put together, and although he’s one of FEW left wing folks I will lower myself to listen to, he is funny. I don’t think he realizes that he’ll be out of a job if the Democrats ever take back over. However, maybe he does, and that’s why some of his humor has taken a bit more of an “independent” flair. Here is what I found odd.

These specials were filmed at different times obviously, and not specifically organized to air with the new Blue Collar Comedy Tour 2. However, the routines of all six comic wizards very similarly mimicked each other in content and delivery both. All six men had material covering the exact same subjects, and varied takes on all of them, but it was uncanny. It was like the network gods had sent out a mass memo that all comedians were to follow a certain outline in their next routines. Either that, or Miller & Maher have realized that the country guys are moving way up the ladder and sometimes funnier and more entertaining than they are. I wonder if Miller & Maher had such similar specials to the rednecks in order to defend themselves… I don’t know, just a thought.

Whatever you think, all six gentlemen are well worth watching in their latest rants. Enjoy, and see if you can find the answer to the similarity mystery when you watch :)