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Thursday, August 3

Fight To The Death - What Would Be My Fight?

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Today, feeling rather uninspired to write, a new reader GILLIE made a comment on THIS STORY. If you haven’t followed THE BANTER of late between me & REV. SMOKIN STEVE… we had a bit of discussion between a Republican & Liberal over life’s current state of affairs. We found that we met a bit in the middle, and unknown to either of us, one small comment at a time, we’ve managed to find that most intelligent people DO MEET IN THE MIDDLE, and if only the world could follow suit, we have discovered the meaning of life in a sense, that WE CAN ALL GET ALONG… just IMAGINE the possibilities…

Gillie posed to me some thought provoking questions, and like with Steve, I’m compelled to answer in a post so that all may read. Good or Bad, whether I step on my own “dick” or not, I will always answer my readers, and suffer whatever wrath may come. Gillie’s questions struck a place in me that makes me know we all ride the fence in a way, but it’s our own fence we must ride, therefore I answer from the heart. I found her comment brilliant and most considerate.

Her question based on the fact that for centuries terrorism has shown its ugly face, “What would you fight to the death for?” I have actually pondered this conundrum many times in my life. I would only fight to the death for my children and husband, some members of my immediate family including some present or ex in-laws, or ex-family, and my belief in God. I would also lay my life down in a fight for my country. And, unless caught totally by surprise and horrific circumstances, I would need a quick moment of explanation before I would lay my life down. And by saying I would DIE for my belief in God, I mean that if a terrorist put a knife to my throat and told me that if I denounced my belief in God and a Higher Power that I would be allowed to live, without even having a second thought, I would have him slit my throat.

Gillie also asked me if given the need to fight to the death, would I fight clean or nasty? I have mixed feelings on this too. If someone legitimately comes after one of my kids, I kill instantly without a thought, if it’s their life or mine. If one of my children committed a horrible crime worthy of the death penalty, I would be there and cry as hard as a mother could cry, but given the duty, I would inject the needle myself if for instance Jeffery Dahmer were my son. I would not fight a Holy War, but if our country were invaded as the many Middle Eastern countries have been, I would kill any fascist that came to my door without thought. I might make a mistake, in war situations, some mistakes are made. I would dress myself to blend in with the enemy, but I would NOT hide myself behind innocent people that did not wish to participate in order to not be found. My “blending” would only be to protect myself.

Gillie asked, “If you would fight to the death for something you believe in, what makes us different than the terrorists?” I honestly believe that what makes me different is the feeling of persecution. I feel raped and hung over daily from the barrage of various menial elements that hit my pocketbook caused by my government. However, every tax increase, or “rule” I’m forced to follow… somebody VOTED on. If not directly, we vote our congressmen and senators into office, and whatever laws or infringements they pass while in office, we as individuals asked for. If the general state of affairs in my country or state aren’t going the way I LIKE IT, I make sure I DON’T VOTE FOR THEM next time they come up for election. AND….AND…AND…I tell ANYONE I KNOW…not to vote for them either. Word of mouth from educated minds is still the best defense of all, in this country or any other.

YES, I can somehow put myself into the minds of a terrorist and try to figure out WHY they do what they do. And Gillie hit the nail on the head by saying that as long as they feel persecuted, there will be wars over terrorism. Well, it goes beyond persecution in my view. There is jealousy as well. They HATE us because we get along. They have NEVER BEEN SHOWN in layman’s terms that a few can outweigh the many. Rather than taking out the bad factions within their own people, they choose to attack the countries and governments that have found the way. Something in their psyche leads them to believe that there is some “unwritten rule” that you cannot attack one of your own in a mental battle. Yet, if you call yourself some other religion or faction, i.e. Sunni as opposed to Shiite, one must die. If one hangs a different flag than another, one must die. So in an oxymoronic response to one another, rather than actually TALKING like we do on our blogs, they just shoot without asking questions.

Even with my radical redneck beliefs, even the hardest core of “us rednecks” know a few things. In the words of many forefather rednecks… Here are a few rules…

1. He BETTER have NEEDED killing… meaning something INCORRIGABLE he “done”…Some things are worth being killed over!

2. NEVER NEVER shoot a man in the back…

3. ALWAYS try to have a short conversation to eliminate the “need for killin’”

4. I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend you with my life your right to say it.

5. Your freedom ends where my nose begins.

6. You are an idiot. But, if you stay in your yard, we’ll have no trouble.

7. Don’t fuck with my GOD, Don’t fuck with my FAMILY, and Don’t fuck with my COUNTRY!!!

Gillie, you were a most pleasurable addition to my reader base, and I hope you visit often. I may not be the most orthodox gal you ever meet, but I’m damn straight, and pretty Red White and Blue. Come often and speak your mind. In my world, I try to learn from every opinion, may not agree with all, but appreciate a person that can eloquently speak their mind. And, as a last little “jab”… I don’t have NEAR your knowledge of history, I envy your understanding of the whole world and past conflicts, but I don’t understand your opinion of Blair. I respect the fact that you have opinions of Blair as Bush’s puppet. However, as history has proven, we seem to be the only two “friends” in this global territory that actually “have each other’s back” (even though there was a war between us at one time). I find Tony Blair to be eloquent in his opinions, and I have always felt comfort in the fact that I believe Blair has your back as well. I’m sorry his time is soon up, because I feel like you have been a better country for having Blair as your representative. Just one redneck opinion of a man who seems brilliant. I don’t live where you do, you would much better know than I. Thank you for giving me a reason to rant today.