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Tuesday, August 15

No Terror Charges Filed On Men With Cell Phones

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No Terror Charges Filed On Men In Cell Phone Case…

Well, I certainly hope SOMEONE is keeping an eye on these “innocent” folks. Come on…

“Officer, I just happen to be in possession of 1000 cell phones….No, no ill plans, I just want to resell them for profit…..Oh, those photos on my digital camera? Those are just tourist photos, we visited the Mackinac Bridge on a family outing….Oh, what about getting stopped by a policeman on August 8th?.......I know it looks a bit strange that I had $11,000 cash on me and another 12 cell phones. That was all money that I made selling the other cell phones……Yes officer, I swear……..Oh, the airplane passenger lists in my car and information about airport security checkpoints?......That’s normal….Those were old papers that my cousin left in the car when I gave him a ride…..he works at the airport…..all airport employees just carry that stuff around with them you know……….”


What about a business license, a tax ID number, a resale certificate? Anyone purchasing 1000 of anything for resale would not want to pay the sales tax on those items. Where are the resale records….any idea WHO they are reselling them to? I call total bullshit on this one. I’m hoping someone somewhere is really investigating this bunch, something very fishy in Denmark.

Link to Fox News Story Here

CNN Story:
Evidence lacking in cell phone terror plot cases, officials say
(CNN) -- In the space of a week, two criminal cases involving Arab-American men purchasing cell phones allegedly for use in terrorist plot have fallen apart due to lack of evidence.
The Washington County, Ohio, prosecutor's office announced Tuesday it has dropped felony terrorism charges against two men who were arrested last week, saying there is a lack of evidence "to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt," according to a press release Tuesday.
That follows an FBI statement Monday saying it had no evidence that three men arrested in Michigan last week are connected to any terrorist plot, while state authorities backed away from claims the men were targeting a major bridge in the state. Nevertheless, local prosecutors in Tuscalo County say they intend to pursue felony terrorism-related charges against the men. --From CNN's Hussein Saddique (Posted 2:32 p.m.)