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Thursday, August 10

Plane Terror Thwarted - Arrests Made

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Today, I am somber. When the news broke about the thwarted plan of the Islamic fascists that wanted to blow up more planes, and all the chaos broke out among all the airports changing rules and dumping out everyone’s shampoo, liquids, and having mothers taste their baby’s food prior to boarding the plane…it all came back. All those feelings of 9/11 and the sadness I felt for the British on 7/7 came right back.

Thank GOD the powers that be managed to stop this one threat, but in reality, they won AGAIN. Terror is about disrupting our way of life, our peace, and our ability to just live our lives as we wish and travel and worship freely. No one died today, but in the chaos and inconvenience of innocent people, they won again and terrorized several nations as rules of travel instantly changed.

Of all the people I’ve spoken to today, everybody was affected in a somber way. No one was Republican, no one was Democrat, we were all just Americans that realized we ARE AT WAR. We must win and defeat these uncontrollable people. I hope you all realized this too, and maybe you realize why we push on in Iraq, and why Israel is trying to stop Hezbollah as best they can. It has to be stopped. Next time (and it’s not if, it’s when) they might kill another few thousand.