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Tuesday, August 29

Polygamist Warren Steed Jeffs Arrested In Las Vegas

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Well, the weirdoes are dropping like flies lately. Warren Steed Jeffs, 50 who was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List, was arrested in Las Vegas, NV driving a 2007 Red Cadillac Escalade (a “very unobvious” vehicle of choice).

Jeffs is the leader of the nut wing branch of the Mormon Church, the Fundamental Church of The Latter Day Saints. His cult following spanning over 10,000 followers (mostly by force and under duress if you ask me), believe you must have at least 3 wives to enter heaven. Warren Jeffs had 80 wives and approximately 250 children, some of the wives belonged first to his late father. DAMN, what man would wish to put up with the nagging of 80 wives!! NEWS ARTICLE HERE

Jeffs was nabbed in Las Vegas by a highway patrolman, and faces charges of sexual misconduct, molestation of minor children, and arranging marriages of under age girls to older men. He had a cell phone, wigs, and $50,000 in cash on him at his time of arrest. If you would like more insight into this freaks brain and how he thought, read THIS ARTICLE. He makes one wonder how someone like this ever got to be in such power. Most sane communities would have had him shot in the head and lost in desert years ago. Good riddance to the human population.

OK, one polygamist down, and one to go…Osama Bin Laden is next we hope!