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Tuesday, August 8

Screw The Kids - It's All In A Word - DEPICT

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Go figure that a pedophile, sex offender lawyer would find a loophole to make it legal to send children sexual content over the internet. In July 2005, Jeffrey Koslow was convicted for sending what he thought was a 14 year old boy sexually explicit content over the internet. He was convicted as a sex offender and ordered to register as such. Well, upon appeal, he got a nut job New York judge to overturn his conviction stating that it isn’t illegal to put sexual intentions in writing, it’s only a crime if you send a picture.

This judge states that the law reads anything “DEPICTING” sexual behavior is illegal, but writing about it in internet conversation is not. Merriam Webster defines depict as anything that describes something, or a photo. Guess this judge doesn’t read the dictionary.

Surely a higher court will change this outrage. It’s bad enough that those of us that just want to pray before a football game cannot so that we don’t offend people that don’t believe in a Higher Power, but now these same liberal minded idiots are going to allow perverts to write whatever they want to kids as long as no photos are included. TOTAL BULLSHIT I TELL YOU!!!