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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Thursday, September 28

Anthony Ray Stockelman Tattoos Victims Name On Forehead

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The life sentence this sick and twisted individual is serving is far too good for him in my opinion. Anthony Ray Stockelman, 39 who was convicted for the molestation and murder of a 10 year old girl named Katie has managed to tattoo "Katie's Revenge" across his forehead.

State of Indiana prison officials are puzzled as to how the inmate was even able to accomplish this feat, and also how a photo could be taken inside prison walls and allowed outside.

I say if we had given this crazy bastard the big needle like he deserved, we wouldn't have to feed him or worry about how he managed to tattoo his brainless head in the first place.

Wednesday, September 27

How McDonalds Hamburger Patties Are Made

Bill Clinton Reaction To Chris Wallace

I’m so sick and tired of politics these days. With elections coming up soon, there’s no positive political news. While I’ll give Bill Clinton credit for at least standing up to a reporter when he thinks he’s been wronged… pleeaasse… I personally have no respect whatsoever for William Clinton, and the following is my best response to his reaction to Chris Wallace in his interview. At that time in his presidency and given the state of affairs at that time… it’s the best I can come up with.

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Addicted To Popping Bubble Wrap

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Addictions come in various fashions. One may not consider this to be a likely one… but when I received this in my e-mail I laughed my butt off. As I’ve mentioned before, I used to dabble a bit at buying and selling on E-Bay. Since many of my items were fragile, I used bubble wrap a lot. My husband’s best friend used to come over from time to time and would love to “get my goat” by popping literal feet of my roll of bubble wrap. I used to get on him and make him stop. It became an inside joke around our house to hide the bubble wrap from Dean. Well, now I know that it must be a real problem for some, and as the blessed internet would have it, there’s a place to pop unlimited bubble wrap. Click HERE to pop all the bubble wrap you wish to pop. “Pop On Dudes”…

Hank Williams Jr. Will Stand Trial For Assault

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‘Ole Bocephus has landed himself in some hot water. A waitress from Peabody Hotel has
accused him of assault
after she claims he shouted obscenities at her and choked her. A grand jury has decided it’s enough to stand trial. Although Hornbeak’s parents hired a lawyer and has demanded $250,000 from Hank Williams Jr., Ms. Hornbeak states this case is not driven by money.

If convicted, Hank could face 11 months and 29 days in jail and be hit with a $2500 fine. I’m truly sorry for this young lady if she was truly assaulted by a celebrity, but my gut tells me this chick must have done something tragically obnoxious to have provoked the famous singer who’s 57 years old to come at her. And, doesn’t Holly Hornbeak sound like she should be the girlfriend of Foghorn Leghorn? Let’s see…1 year in jail, and $2500 or give a waitress a quarter million dollars… gee… the jail sentence might be the better choice. Perhaps Bocephus should give up “getting rowdy tonight”.

Tuesday, September 19

Diesel Demons Slump - Then Come Back 5-3

Well, I’ve been so busy… I haven’t updated you all on our sports lately! My Diesel Demons had a big slump, but THEY ARE BACK IN FINE STYLE NOW…

At last posting, we were 4-2, after a loss we could have won by forfeit…but we allowed the other team wait for more players to show, and then got our little butts kicked! Well, the next week wasn’t much better. We faced a team called Team Basic… (That’s short for TEAM USA). There was a guy 7’5” on this team that could bare hand catch anything just shy of the moon. Another girl on this team supposedly played for the USA softball team at the Olympic level. They were a team comprised completely of “ringers”. They whomped us 23-10.

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However, in this tragic game, there was one inning… You know…those few innings in life that make you proud you ever put on a glove. We got ALL our points in this magic inning, and brought the score to a feasible place to maybe win from. My son Clayton caught a line drive at shortstop, which you could hear from the other field. One of those catches that you remember for years. Our whole team came together that one inning…there were slides, run backs, all kinds of things that made the game worthwhile, and me proud to be their sponsor. This game left us 4-3.

Last week proved to be a much better time at the ball park. We played the team from State Farm Insurance and won 20-8. The guys and gals were back in stride. This was also our first “cold” game. We had a cold snap come through and it was “CHILLY” and “WINDY”. The nip in the air was just what the team needed maybe. Everybody was hitting good; even the ones that usually strike out made it all the way home at least once. Dan and Megan strove extra hard, so they get a special mention :) Son Clayton was awesome as usual with some great hits and catches from the shortstop position.
Diesel Demons are now tied for third place in the league (mighty OK by me with a team in its first year). The top three teams get to move on to a tournament at season end, so we are hoping to keep playing well and have some post season fun! GO DEMONS GO!!!

Willie Nelson & Friends Arrested With Drugs... No... Say It Ain't So!

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Are you guys shocked? Willie Nelson was arrested with marijuana and mushrooms. OH PLEEAAASSEEE… can we leave Willie alone already too! Willie Nelson has been smoking pot since dirt was a baby. And I’m sure at the age of 73, he’s probably using the mushrooms to “ease his bowel” or something.

I’ll take some heat for the following statements I’m sure… but Willie is to me what a lot of people thought of Elvis Presley. I grew up on Willie’s music, I’ve sat front row at a few concerts, hell… I even met him briefly once. He is an icon of country Americana, and with all his troubles and woes (right or wrong), he’s one of my country heroes. I’m even one of those people that doesn’t see why with all the other crap in this world that is legal and is HORRIBLE, we’ve never managed to legalize the “peace pipe”. I just cannot fathom a “stoned” Muslim taking the time or putting out the effort to blow anything up! Marijuana is the drug of peace and munchies.

This story should be titled “The Geriatric Drug Bust”… Willie Nelson is 73. They also arrested his sister Bobbie who’s 75…Tony Sizemore, 59…Gates Moore, 54, and David Anderson, 50. Each was issued a misdemeanor citation and released. Can’t you just see Bobbie going home to have to tell the Great Grandchildren that “Grannie got popped for weed”? Too funny. What’s NOT funny though, is if you or I had 1.5 pounds of marijuana and a bag of mushrooms, we’d have been thrown UNDER THE JAIL!

Toby Keith (another country idol and total BABE) wrote a hilarious song "I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again". Click the link in the song title and scroll down a notch or two and click the "listen" button next to the title. Let's all sing along and dedicate this to Willie today :)

Leave Pope Benedict ALONE !

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OH, can we leave the Pope alone already! The guy makes ONE statement from history THAT WAS ACCURATE, and the whole world has gone nuts again.

The fact that several churches have burned since, one nun has been shot to death, riots are taking place worldwide, and a Muslim leader called for the EXECUTION OF POPE BENEDICT only proves the Pontiff was right all along.

I for one, think the Pope has already apologized enough (if he should have at all). Gee, the freaking Pope is the one guy that can say whatever the hell he wants to. I am so sick and tired of our daily worldwide events being taken up by these crazy nutjob loons. You just CANNOT kill and mame every human that disagrees with you. But...boy...they are sure trying, aren't they?

Thailand Military Coup - Ousts Thaksin Shinawatra

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In a stunning move during the UN Peace Talks in New York, the Thailand military ousts Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra by surrounding his quarters with tanks, while he was in New York preparing to make his speech before the UN Council.

Commander In Chief General Sondhi Boonyaratkalin who is a Muslim in an otherwise Buddhist dominated country led the coup which ousted several top officials and took over the headquarters.

Thaksin had the UN reschedule his speech to be earlier than first scheduled, presumabably to return to Thailand and get hold of this mess. However, persons of the "new government" say they doubt he'll return for a while.

I don't know a thing about events in this part of the world. I do know that it's amazing that an entire country can be taken over without a shot fired, just because the Prime Minister is out of town. In what I can read though, it seems the Thai people were not very happy with this guy Thaksin that was in office.

I knew many Thai people during my 20 years in the casinos, and made some good friends there. I hope all their families are OK, and this mess doesn't turn into a really big deal. Kinda makes one wonder though... Hopefully this Sondhi Boonyaratkalin is a peaceful Muslim and can lead the people in a peaceful democratic way. I certainly hope he's not a radical and turns Thailand into another hotbed for radical Islam.

Sunday, September 10


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Project 2996 is the memorial to victims of the 9-11 tragedy five years ago put together by bloggers across the nation. When I signed up to be a part of this project, I thought it was a good idea and a nice thing for people of the blog community to do. I had no idea I’d be so touched again throughout my research on my assigned victim.

I live clear out on the West Coast, and though September 11, 2001 struck us all straight to the heart, it was a bit surreal for those of us not living anywhere close to the incidents. In participating in Project 2996, the events of that day have been brought closer to me, and I am again reminded of the horrific tragedy bestowed upon this nation that day.

Following is my personal tribute to a great man and a hero of our country. Please read the story of Thomas Foley and help me honor his memory on this 5th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy.

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THOMAS FOLEY was only 32 years old. He was a New York City Firefighter with Rescue Company 3 in the Bronx. He was among the first rescue workers to arrive at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

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He was killed when one of the towers collapsed. Foley was a former volunteer fireman for the West Nyack Fire Department. He joined the New York Fire Department in 1990. He was first stationed at Squad 41 in the Bronx before joining Rescue Company 3. Thomas Foley was survived by his brother Daniel (also a firefighter), and sister-in-law Carrie Benedict Foley; his parents Thomas J. and Patricia Parchen Foley; his sister Joanne and brother-in-law K.C. Gross; and was an uncle to Casey, McKenna and Cody Gross. He was laid to rest on September 29th, 2001 after a funeral mass held at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Nanuet.

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I feel blessed to have been assigned Tommy as a subject for my 9-11 tribute. It was so evident to me while researching many tribute sites, that everyone loved Tommy a lot, and he was a joy to have as a friend or family member. He was a very handsome man and the life of any event he attended. Mr. Foley had a vast array of interests that included bull riding and hunting. He loved the outdoors in any capacity, and enjoyed his time there. He had a “special mountain” close to his home that he loved to climb upon and reflect down below on his community and family. He turned his German shorthaired pointer Maggie into a field-trial champion. Thomas Foley was a well known firefighter, and his looks landed him some bit acting parts on “Third Watch”, and “The Sopranos”. People Magazine named Tom Foley as one of their most eligible bachelors of the year in the July 14, 2000 edition of People Magazine. People’s managing editor Carol Wallace stated that Foley’s shirtless photo was one of the most popular photos in that issue. He was also a “Firefighting Hunk” in the yearly firefighter’s calendar that raised money for charity.

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Thomas Foley was a decorated firefighter. He was brave and unselfish. Two summers prior to 9-11, he was decorated for rescuing construction workers dangling from a broken scaffold 12 stories above the street. “Don’t worry,” he told one of them, “You’ll be going home to your family tonight.” While doing his part to save a nation, Tom did not get to return home to his family after the night of September 11th. Brother Daniel Foley described a man who was both his brother and role model. Daniel looked up to Thomas, and became a firefighter himself. He remembered fondly how their relationship had blossomed with age, and with all the things they planned to do together. Though it took 10 days of searching the rubble, Daniel said he felt blessed that he could keep his promise he made to his parents – to bring Thomas home. “Tommy died doing exactly what he loved to do,” Daniel Foley said. “So celebrate the time he was with us, and don’t dwell on a life cut short by tragedy.” Rev. Tom McGrath, a family friend cited this at Thomas Foley’s funeral mass, “We all know what a big, strong, handsome young man he was. Today, as painful as this is for us, this is Tommy’s hour of glory. God is looking at Tommy with a smile on his face saying, ‘Well done son.’ ” New York City Deputy Mayor Bob Harding attended Foley’s funeral mass on behalf of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Harding said, “The tragedy of Sept. 11 made Foley an American Patriot. The City of New York will never forget, the United States will never forget, we will never forget.” I think it’s fitting to print here also that brother Daniel Foley (photo below) remains a New York fireman, and was himself decorated for a job well done in THIS STORY.

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Thomas Foley's Brother Daniel Foley
Thomas Foley, I will never forget you either. Now that I’ve studied you and your dedication to a city you loved, and people you died to save, I will forever think of the name Thomas Foley whenever I am reminded of September 11, 2001. I light a candle for you below, and burn for you an eternal fire. It has been my honor to dedicate my blog to you today and tomorrow on the 5th anniversary of the fall of the World Trade Center towers. I will leave my readers with a poem written by a neighbor just for you on that tragic day. Rest in peace Brother, THANK YOU for your service to our country.

“There is the most gentle breeze blowing here beneath the shadow of the snowy peaks.

The sun peeks out hazily, warming my back.

The soft songs of the birds seem to mock my emotions.

No time for tears or sorrow, or anything anymore.

Time has no meaning now.

Minutes merge into days…into months…into years.

I have no direction, no desire to fill the seconds that tick by.

Just the mountains and I remain…standing still as sentinels over the winding roads that lead far away from here.

I have no reason to move on.

You left this morning forever…”

Below are links to various tribute pages dedicated to Thomas Foley, 32 of West Nyack, New York…

GOOGLE SEARCH - Thomas Foley
CNN Memorial Page 2001

Legacy.com Tribute With Touching Guest Book

Sept. 11 Victims.com Tribute Page

People Magazine Mention

Thomas Foley Obituary

Fire Fighting Hunks

Foley Firefighter Calendar

Monday, September 4

Crikey! Crocodile Hunter Is Dead!

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Oh my goodness... I was all "done" with posting for a day... and was reading others' blogs... and at Amazing Facts I found this story...

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter is DEAD!

I REALLY LIKED THIS GUY... In such troubled times as we've had over the past few years... he was cool. Not only great "National Geographic" type coverage, he brought humor to his work. I'm 43, and he was only 44... What a tragedy that he died so young, and left a beautiful family.

Also, who'd have thought he died doing what he was so good at. He got hit in the chest by a sting ray. I've been snorkling and "semi-diving" a few times (hate it, I'm NOT a water person outside a boat), and lots of friends have told me... "OH!... sting rays are so COOL... you can pet them... just feed them frozen peas and watch them swarm..." BULLSHIT... however, I have fed one, and did pet one, while schooching "the hell out of the way"...

Go figure that this icon of wildlife, who tackled SO MANY CROCODILES met the end by one of those "peaceful" sting rays at such a young age.

I for one will truly miss him... No more, "Crikey, DANGER...DANGER..." He was so much better than the "Meanwhile, while Jim is back at the truck" guy...

Peace be with a truly entertaining guy who brought wildlife to all of us in a way no one will be able to replace. At least he met his end doing what he truly loved. God Bless his family, and our thanks to them for letting him share his life with us.


Sunday, September 3

E-Bay Better At National Security Than Government

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Well, ANOTHER video is out from Al Qaeda. (I’m shocked)… but every time this happens, and then I listen to, or read the media coverage, I AM SHOCKED.

“They” (from either side of the political isle), ALWAYS REPORT on the “shocking new video), placed on some “mysterious militant Arab website”, and somehow miraculously pirated into Al Jezzerra TV…etc., etc.

This time, there’s “two mysteries”… this time… an American (who should be shot in the head NOW), that has been wanted by the FBI since at least 2004 has appeared in the video too. This isn’t the first time Adam Yehiye Gadahn, 28 of Southern California has appeared in Al Qaeda videos, but this time he seemed to be the star asking good American folks to heed the “dire warning” to convert to Islam or else feel the wrath later on…blah…blah…blah.



Now, you may ask how this post has anything at all to do with E-Bay. It’s actually a “time frame thing” with me, and a TRUE story of MY EXPERIENCE WITH E-BAY AND SECURITY MEASURES TO PROTECT ME.

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Every time a new video from the terrorists comes out, and every time I hear how the FBI cannot find somebody, or Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose, or “we just don’t know where they are”…etc., etc… I think of my E-Bay story and I wonder HOW IT IS THAT E-BAY CAN DO IT, but the United States Government CANNOT.

I used to dabble in selling items on E-Bay, but mostly I buy things there. I LOVE E-BAY, even though some consider it the massive Wal-Mart of the universe for Rednecks like me… but ANYTIME I’m looking for any type of obscure item, and I’ve looked in at least three stores and cannot find it readily, I hop onto E-Bay.com and put in a couple of keywords, and like magic I usually find it (usually at a discounted price), and boom… I buy it; I’m on my way, and a happy customer.

I AM TRULY A VERY SMALL FISH at E-Bay. I only have about 250 transactions over several years, while many more people have transactions into the several thousands. So I know that as things go, E-Bay could probably care less about me as I am so very low on their E-Bay radar. But oh, NOT TRUE.

Most who will read this blog are fairly literate with basic computer terms, but if not I will explain a couple of things. There are e-mails distributed by the thousands called “spoofs” or “phishing” e-mails. These are FAKE e-mails designed by hackers intending to steal your personal identity or account information, but made to look like they are official and come from the owners of a bank, or website like E-Bay. Many of these e-mails are excellent forgeries and it’s easy to be taken if not extremely careful. I am totally anal about computer security, but inevitably, I must have “clicked” on one at some point, because my account and reputation were almost hijacked and compromised at E-Bay.

I’m sleeping peacefully in my bed with my husband cuddling at my side one night, and at about 3:00am, YES I SAID 3:00 AM, my phone rings. Scared to death and quite startled I answer the phone expecting to hear some horrible news that usually comes with middle of the night phone calls. IT WAS THE FREAKING SECURITY DEPARTMENT AT E-BAY asking me if I am selling a BMW car at my E-Bay site. Believe it or not, E-Bay has gotten so big; it’s really not uncommon at all for people to sell cars there. I actually know people that have purchased even big rig trucks there. However, a little fish like me usually doesn’t sell them, and E-Bay was smart enough to know that.

I explained that NO, I WAS NOT SELLING A CAR… The lady tells me not to worry; it appears that someone has attempted to hijack my identity there. She says to go back to sleep, and apologizes for waking me up so late. E-Bay tells me that they are going to suspend my account completely until the next day. I’m told I will get an e-mail from E-Bay explaining the situation, and she gives me explicit instructions on how to go online and repair the situation later. She assures me that E-Bay will try their hardest to get to the bottom of the matter, and they will inform me later of their findings.

Well, long story short… I follow all said instructions and converse again a few times with E-Bay. Within TWO SHORT DAYS… through high tech investigative methods, they find out EXACTLY WHO hijacked my “stuff” by tracing IP addresses, internet protocols, etc. and 86 that person off E-Bay and took measures to protect me, etc.

I have continued to use E-Bay from that time with no further problems.

My point of all this rambling is this… If E-Bay can find a perpetrator and criminal using a computer and trying to hijack… why can’t the USA government. If these terrorist videos are uploaded to the internet… it should be damn easy to figure out from which computer it came from. I’m just amazed that out of millions of people using E-Bay, little ‘ole me was protected in two days and the villain caught, and the FBI and USA government cannot find one nut job from Southern California that has his 48 minute video all over the internet along with Al Qaeda’s #2 man Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Osama Bin Laden. We should hire the CEO of E-Bay’s IT department to head up Homeland Security!

Japanese Hostage / Terror / Kidnapping Negotiations...USA COULD LEARN A LESSON HERE!

The following photos depict a terrible hostage / terror / kidnapping situation in Japan. There is no political correctness here, and no need to waste time trying a guilty nutjob only to use citizen tax dollars to feed him in prison for YEARS to come. Their officials solved this problem in short order, and called it a day. The USA could take a lesson here. Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights :)


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Answer The Riddle - DIRTY JOKE

At exactly the same time, two men are on opposite sides of the earth. They are thinking exactly the same thing...

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One man is walking a tight rope in between two skyscrapers...

Another man is getting a blow job from an 80 year old prostitute. They are both having the same thought at the same time... What is it?

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Friday, September 1

Sly Like A Fox

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When you're in deep shit...even the fox knows...Look straight ahead and DON'T say a word :)

Diesel Demons 4-2 - A Karmic Loss

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Tragedy strikes the Diesel Demon squad. After a game start with officials meeting with both teams, the Hippity Hoppers were a couple of people short at game time, and the officials stated that we could ask them to forfeit. Our team leaders stated, "We "came to play"... we'll give the Hoppers a few minutes to see if more players can show up... no forfeit necessary".

Well, a couple of players showed up indeed. When the Demons could have won by forfeit... it turned sour this time and we got slaughtered "something like" 28-8. I didn't catch the scoreboard at the game end, but it was ugly. :)

I am still VERY PROUD of my Demons, and after all...it's all for fun and fun we will have again next week. Maybe our kindness will pay off in the next few games. We were tied for 1st place in the league going into this game, and hopefully the other teams will incur a loss or two also, and the standings will be untouched.

We decided not to hang our heads, and just take a crazy photo and chalk this one up to "one of those nights".