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Monday, September 4

Crikey! Crocodile Hunter Is Dead!

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Oh my goodness... I was all "done" with posting for a day... and was reading others' blogs... and at Amazing Facts I found this story...

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter is DEAD!

I REALLY LIKED THIS GUY... In such troubled times as we've had over the past few years... he was cool. Not only great "National Geographic" type coverage, he brought humor to his work. I'm 43, and he was only 44... What a tragedy that he died so young, and left a beautiful family.

Also, who'd have thought he died doing what he was so good at. He got hit in the chest by a sting ray. I've been snorkling and "semi-diving" a few times (hate it, I'm NOT a water person outside a boat), and lots of friends have told me... "OH!... sting rays are so COOL... you can pet them... just feed them frozen peas and watch them swarm..." BULLSHIT... however, I have fed one, and did pet one, while schooching "the hell out of the way"...

Go figure that this icon of wildlife, who tackled SO MANY CROCODILES met the end by one of those "peaceful" sting rays at such a young age.

I for one will truly miss him... No more, "Crikey, DANGER...DANGER..." He was so much better than the "Meanwhile, while Jim is back at the truck" guy...

Peace be with a truly entertaining guy who brought wildlife to all of us in a way no one will be able to replace. At least he met his end doing what he truly loved. God Bless his family, and our thanks to them for letting him share his life with us.