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Tuesday, September 19

Diesel Demons Slump - Then Come Back 5-3

Well, I’ve been so busy… I haven’t updated you all on our sports lately! My Diesel Demons had a big slump, but THEY ARE BACK IN FINE STYLE NOW…

At last posting, we were 4-2, after a loss we could have won by forfeit…but we allowed the other team wait for more players to show, and then got our little butts kicked! Well, the next week wasn’t much better. We faced a team called Team Basic… (That’s short for TEAM USA). There was a guy 7’5” on this team that could bare hand catch anything just shy of the moon. Another girl on this team supposedly played for the USA softball team at the Olympic level. They were a team comprised completely of “ringers”. They whomped us 23-10.

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However, in this tragic game, there was one inning… You know…those few innings in life that make you proud you ever put on a glove. We got ALL our points in this magic inning, and brought the score to a feasible place to maybe win from. My son Clayton caught a line drive at shortstop, which you could hear from the other field. One of those catches that you remember for years. Our whole team came together that one inning…there were slides, run backs, all kinds of things that made the game worthwhile, and me proud to be their sponsor. This game left us 4-3.

Last week proved to be a much better time at the ball park. We played the team from State Farm Insurance and won 20-8. The guys and gals were back in stride. This was also our first “cold” game. We had a cold snap come through and it was “CHILLY” and “WINDY”. The nip in the air was just what the team needed maybe. Everybody was hitting good; even the ones that usually strike out made it all the way home at least once. Dan and Megan strove extra hard, so they get a special mention :) Son Clayton was awesome as usual with some great hits and catches from the shortstop position.
Diesel Demons are now tied for third place in the league (mighty OK by me with a team in its first year). The top three teams get to move on to a tournament at season end, so we are hoping to keep playing well and have some post season fun! GO DEMONS GO!!!