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Tuesday, September 19

Thailand Military Coup - Ousts Thaksin Shinawatra

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In a stunning move during the UN Peace Talks in New York, the Thailand military ousts Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra by surrounding his quarters with tanks, while he was in New York preparing to make his speech before the UN Council.

Commander In Chief General Sondhi Boonyaratkalin who is a Muslim in an otherwise Buddhist dominated country led the coup which ousted several top officials and took over the headquarters.

Thaksin had the UN reschedule his speech to be earlier than first scheduled, presumabably to return to Thailand and get hold of this mess. However, persons of the "new government" say they doubt he'll return for a while.

I don't know a thing about events in this part of the world. I do know that it's amazing that an entire country can be taken over without a shot fired, just because the Prime Minister is out of town. In what I can read though, it seems the Thai people were not very happy with this guy Thaksin that was in office.

I knew many Thai people during my 20 years in the casinos, and made some good friends there. I hope all their families are OK, and this mess doesn't turn into a really big deal. Kinda makes one wonder though... Hopefully this Sondhi Boonyaratkalin is a peaceful Muslim and can lead the people in a peaceful democratic way. I certainly hope he's not a radical and turns Thailand into another hotbed for radical Islam.