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Monday, October 30

2006 Mid-Term Elections - The Year Of The SCANDAL

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Thank goodness elections will be OVER in a few days. I can’t WAIT! I don’t know about where YOU live, but where I LIVE the political advertising is just ridiculous on both sides of the fence. My goodness, if there is ANY TRUTH in ANY of these crazy ads, these men and women should all be in prison, not running for office!

On a national level as well, there have been scandals galore in both parties. Mark Foley, William Jefferson, Don Sherwood, Barney Frank, Charles Taylor, and Sandy Berger just to name a mere few. Why don’t we know MORE ABOUT our political candidates and people running our country? Real truth, not just some crap an opponent pays a publicist to throw up on TV that maybe has a hint of truth at best contained within.

I was visiting with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in some time this weekend, and we were discussing all this “stuff”, and this dawned on me. She and I were both casino dealers for years. As such, we were periodically subject to a background check, fingerprinting, credit checks, and FBI checks. She has since left the business and so have I. I left to become a business owner, and she now is a school bus driver. As such there, she was subject to another FBI check, and checks for past criminal behavior with children. We demand such background checks and scrutiny for all day care centers. Most of us as business owners subject our employees to drug checks and background reference checks.

If this is all necessary for all of us average laypeople…wouldn’t it seem appropriate to REQUIRE THE SAME FROM THE PEOPLE RUNNING OUR DAMN COUNTRY! I think we should all check out these people in charge of all of us a little closer. Demand proof from them. And, we should demand before the next election that NO NEGATIVE BULLY ADS WILL BE TOLERATED AT ALL FROM EITHER PARTY. I have had to spend countless hours researching each of my local candidates on the internet this election. I have had to recheck their recorded voting records to find out what they really believe in. From ads on television, print, and the radio…I have no clue what any of our candidates stand for, or what issues that will affect me they can help with. All I know is what one is tattling on the other for and vice versa. I’M SICK OF IT ALL!

Various “experts” from both aisles testify that negative advertising works. I don’t believe it does. I DO BELIEVE it stirs up more negative conversation among constituents, it stirs up more controversy, and it causes people NOT TO VOTE because they are overwhelmed and believe that only creeps and criminals run for office. It only does what Washington NEEDS TO GET AWAY FROM DOING….ACCOMPLISHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!