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Saturday, October 14

Diesel Demons Have Bittersweet End To Season

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Well, though I’m LATE on the final posting of our Diesel Demons season…it’s here :) The Demons had a very bittersweet end to a GREAT season! At last posting, we were 5-3, and on a comeback trail. If we won the next game to become 6-3, we would have had a shot at the post season tournament, which all were hoping for. Especially in our inaugural season…not knowing if we would even win ONE game, we were so excited at the possibility of post season play. Well…undermining evil was at play unknown to us, and a post season life for us this year did not happen.

In our very first game…we played the HUGE MEGA-CORPORATION Granite Construction and got our butts totally kicked! After that, we found our own and seemed to pull together a fine team. Well, as luck would have it, we had to play Granite Construction again, and we were worried to say the least, yet they suffered a loss or two this season, so we had hope, but we had to knock them out.

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Immediately in this game the odds seemed unusually stacked. The uniforms were even different. When we played Granite the first game, everyone was wearing GREEN shirts and even though they were good, we all recognized many players locally and we took our loss gracefully. This time, only a couple of players had green shirts, and the team was good beyond any reasonable explanation. One guy (of several) hit the SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL over the fence THREE times without effort. It happened more times, but it just seemed unusual that they were doing that well. We decided after much thought that something was wrong. The same players were not there. The same people listed on their roster were not playing. Normally, one would think…hey…just a softball game; we are here for fun…let it go. BUT NO!!!...NO AND HELL NO!! If we could have had a chance to play this game, and maybe win we had a playoff chance. We agreed to pay the $25 to file an official protest and see what happened; against whatever shit we might take for an official protest in softball.

My son, the team coach approached the umpire at the game’s end when we go out to shake hands with the others and made it known that we wanted to protest. The other guys came up with some “choice language” and a lot of F words and proudly stated that, “Hey…we admit it…we did pick up ringers and we did STACK THE TEAM…we’ve been doing it all year…but what the hell…we’re 6-2 and we’re going to the playoffs…WTF” The umpire agreed and off we went to file our protest.

Well… I guess we should have read every fine print in the manual our first year. The “official” rule is… you may protest, and it’s taken seriously, but a protest has to be filed by the end of the second inning. We didn’t know, so we lost. Granite will probably take the championship, and so it goes.

However, we had one game left, and we came out in fine style and WON our final game with ease and had a BLAST this season. I’m so proud of my company team, and we cannot wait for the next season to begin. We will be better next year and go in swinging and hopefully come out even better. GO DEMONS!! CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT FIRST SEASON AND THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT THURSDAY NIGHTS!!!