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Monday, October 2

Mark Foley Is A Disgrace To The GOP

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This is one post I’m NOT happy to make. However, I run a pretty right wing site here, and fair is fair. I spend a lot of time presenting the reason I believe in the GOP mentality, and in order to be the person I need to be, I must give credit when credit is due, and then again BASH when a bashing is coming.

Mark Foley, don’t show yourself around me ever! If I could I would personally kick his ass myself. How dare you Mr. Foley embarrass our party and the things hard working Americans and good and honest Republicans believe in and try to live. This guy should have resigned, and in my opinion should be banned from ever holding any further public office EVER. He should register as a pedophile and have his ass kicked in the public square.

Now, all that said… I have many mixed emotions about him and this story… to make this shorter than a novel; I will simply list my opinions at random and in a bullet list.

1. Mark Foley, Republican official from Florida is gay. Who cares, I don’t, I happen to have gay friends, my personal feelings of that aren’t important, you are what you are…do what you do, I could care less. Don’t push it on me, and DON’T PUSH IT ON MINOR CHILDREN.

2. Bill Clinton had a torrid affair with an intern (not sure if that is above a page or not)… He got a blow job in the oval office and splooged on her dress that she kept (she didn’t keep it without malicious intent for a future date). The country turned a blind eye to that in the end, and in his position after lying about it…I have NO respect for him. At least Foley resigned, and the party is returning the political contributions to the donors with an option to support the candidate they’ve chosen to replace him.

3. YES…OF COURSE IT’S DIFFERENT…Monica was over 21 and a stupid chick who thought blowing the President of the USA would be a worthy cause no matter the cost. If Cliton (oops misspelling) had approached an employee of the government that was a minor…whole different story and the Democrats would be writing this about him.

4. Do men over 18 years of age fiddle with people under 18 years of age, of course they do…doesn’t make it right, but it happens all the time. People at 16 are sexually active and pretty sure of which side of that fence they stand on. I would think if you’ve landed yourself a job at that age as a page in the White House, you are smarter than the average bear. Shame on you for letting this go on if you were ever offended in the first place. Girl or boy, not fair to “cry rape”, or “injustice” after the shit hits the fan. If anyone in this world has been wronged in any way, it’s your job to throw the shit into the fan, not wait around for it to hit.

5. If you hold a public office elected by your peers you ARE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD…sorry, just the way it is. You should NOT be a pervert and hold a seat in the White House no matter what party you are from.

6. In a time when our country is so much in turmoil with all that is going on HOW DARE YOU BRING SHAME TO YOUR OFFICE OR PARTY! Even the dumbest of all employees KNOWS it’s not smart to shit in the company pond, or get your meat where you get your bread, or fraternize with the help if you’re a manager. However you want to word it, Foley is an IDIOT.

7. Drinking alcohol didn’t cause him to like young men or boys. Rehab for alcoholism won’t fix this issue. I smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish, but I manage to run a couple of companies and have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIGNS on any other person than my husband, and certainly would NEVER contemplate “dealings of ill-nature” with someone that’s young enough to be my child.

8. Whether anyone else knows what we as people do in our private lives or in our minds and fantasies, WE DO. EACH of us knows our own secrets. HOW DARE FOLEY HAVE THESE TENDANCIES AND HAVE THE IRREPROCHABLE GALL to sit on a committee that deals with laws to protect children from abuse when he’s got “a fancy” for a 16 year old boy.

9. I actually believe that others knew of the e-mails that were “not too bad”, and to avoid a scandal they decided not to go public. I DON’T think the “powers that be” knew of the instant messages (read some of them here). Doesn’t necessarily make it right that enough wasn’t done in the beginning.

10. I DO THINK THERE WAS A HIDDEN AGENDA on the side of any Democrat that knew of this in 2005 and didn’t pursue this further. It does seem timed perfectly to coincide with election time. But hey, liberal or conservative, doesn’t it just figure that we love to shovel the dirt at election time. What a piss poor excuse for “stand up men and women” we’ve chosen to lead this country. It’s all about the money and all about the win. Makes me ashamed of those pussies in Washington…all of them.

11. Did I mention that I’d like to open a can of Texas “whoop-ass” on this Foley guy? If Bush could speak his true mind, so would he.

12. I’ve rambled enough. I hope Foley’s fucking happy, he’s given the terrorists another good reason to shit on America, but hey…Foley didn’t mind shitting on us…he probably is too busy being the victim to care. IF YOU ARE NOT DOING ALL YOU CAN TO BE GOOD AND HONEST AND STAND UP FOR OLD GLORY…you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. Good riddance to just another rotten apple. Go To Hell Mark