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Thursday, October 26

McQueen Lancer Loss - Not End Of Season

Well, in my many seasons as a “football Mom”, this year is my most exciting, and yet my most taxing. It’s #77’s senior year. Nobody really knows that but me, and our few friends and family. But I KNOW the WHOLE history of this young man’s career. I know that since he was 7 years old, he’s donned a football uniform and has hit the field. When he was 7, I just thought he was cute…but after a season or two, I realized his talent and dedication to the game.

Last week’s game proved to be a true heartbreaker for him. It’s no secret that McQueen High School has a tradition of winning, and it’s no secret that this year’s team has struggled. But it’s amazing to me that with all the years of accolades and championships, that rather than promote a great school, team, and coach, we are the “team everyone loves to hate”. We get HORRIBLE press coverage, AND we consistently get HORRIBLE officiating. I’m not saying that as a prejudiced fan…I’m saying that as a genuine football fan coming from a heritage of “Friday Night Lights” country of West Texas. When our team is on top and headed for a championship, we get TV highlights with all the other teams scores and kudos, and a blurb at the end stating, “…and McQueen won ___ to ___.” And, when we lose…the local media LOVES to rub it in. It’s OK, our kids know that we are what we are…the team with the most discipline and a coach that is the most winning in the state of Nevada.

Our kids played this last week with heart and heavily unfavored to win. I do have to say, even though it didn’t turn out the way we would have liked, this might have been one of the best games I’ve ever watched in the four years I’ve been involved in McQueen football. From the sheer perspective of a football fan, this was an exciting game to watch. It was nip and tuck until the end. Unfortunately, in the last 16 SECONDS of the game, the Reed Raiders kicked a field goal to win. What really burned me was this media quote from Freddy Bernal, Raider SENIOR kicker, “This is my first year playing football. I’ve never experienced anything like this.” Not to take anything away from this young man’s success of that night, but HIS FIRST YEAR! This game (we would have won but for a touchdown called back) was the chance for some of our kids to have a senior league championship after having played for a DECADE. Eight of our starting players have played together on the same team since Pop Warner / SYFL. I don’t think coaches, fans, or media reporters REALIZE that when you are 17 years old, and you’ve played the game for 10 (TEN-DECADE) years, that IS your whole life. Most boys don’t remember a lot before 7 years of age, so in your senior year of football, it’s pretty much been your ENTIRE life. People see these kids “disappointed” or see some fans in tears, and think we are “too emotional”… a decade ending in a loss at the height of your “career” is pretty big. Why doesn’t the media ever think about that?

What I don’t like is the fact that everybody around here likes to be politically correct. Not ONE of our covered media stations will have the nerve to state that the officials were BAD. Not one mentioned the fact that we HAD THE GAME WON with a touchdown that was called back by a non-existent holding penalty. I video taped the entire game, and I’ve rewound it over and over, and sorry…bad call. But nobody talks about those things. And believe me…if we would have won over a bad call, I’d be the first one to print it and admit to it. In 10 years of “personal football”, I’ve seen calls go both ways.

We are still headed for the playoffs… and I’m looking forward to this week’s game. This will be MY night. It will be senior night, and I will have the pleasure to walk onto the gridiron wearing my son’s jersey, receive a rose, and culminate a decade of dedication and hard work and celebrate one of the two main reasons I live. I am so proud of #77, and I will walk tall and proudly be escorted on that field, and try hard to keep my eyes dry. My oldest son will be in the stands to video tape the “event”. I also cannot wait for my photo of myself and my #77’s girlfriend BOTH wearing his jersey. High school is too fun, and each week, his gal wears his jersey in the stands. This will be the only week in #77’s history that TWO women will wear his jersey on one night. (Aren’t us football chicks weird…even at age 43?)

Gee…I feel like Ms. McNabb…anyone want some Chunky Campbell’s Soup???? Here’s some photo highlights (again pirated from our amazing staff at LancerFan.com)…Enjoy.

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