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Friday, October 27

So Long Texas - Hello Mexico

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I for one, am THRILLED that President Bush signed the bill Thursday to build a 700 mile fence along our US / Mexican borders. The only problem I see with this bill is that the fence will NOT GO AROUND THE ENTIRE USA!

The amazing guys at the Minuteman Project have already begun building some fenced areas, and are bringing in high-tech equipment never before seen in the United States. Donated technology being used in Arizona was originally developed for the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) of the Korean peninsula.

All seriousness aside though, the point of this post is Johnny Tex & The Texicans. This band has written a very comical song in old Marty Robbins style called So Long Texas – Hello Mexico. Click on the song title for a chuckle and sing along. This song is said to be getting quite a bit of radio time in Waco, TX. Good luck Johnny, hope you guys hit it big!!