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Monday, October 9

TheDollPalace.com - Make Your Own Graphic Dolls

Dress Up Games and Dollmakers

Just when I thought I was “way too old” to play with dolls, I discovered this website. TheDollPalace.com is an incredible amount of fun…even for a 43 year old diesel truck garage owner like myself. This site features “pick ‘n click” options to make little graphic dolls for your e-mail, website, or blog. These are some examples…

There is just about no limit to the type of doll you can create here. It can be saved as an avatar for chat, or a graphic for e-mail, or an icon. The process is called “dress up games” in which you search through selections of hair color, eyes, clothes, backgrounds, etc. It’s just amazing the massive amount of categories and choices available for your little graphic dolls. There are categories for holidays, celebrities, fantasy and fairy, gothic, guys & couples, and cartoon dolls. You can even upload photos and create dolls with your personal faces on them. Here's the Halloween doll I made while visiting...
Create dolls on The Doll Palace doll maker www.thedollpalace.com

There are contests at this site for fun. Doll points can be earned to spend on items there. It costs a mere $2 per month to be a premium member and make all the dolls you wish. Go have some fun!