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Sunday, October 15

TMX Tickle Me Elmo For Christmas- Have Yours Yet?

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Oh, this one brings back memories. When my kids were little, it was the Cabbage Patch doll that people were fighting for. This year, the hottest toy on the market is the newly released TMX Tickle Me Elmo. I’ve been hearing a lot about this little guy on TV, etc… so I checked out the link. I must admit…I laughed my butt off too…even as an adult.

At this link elmo tmx, there is a video clip of this doll in action. I clicked it and just intended to see what the toy does. I swear I couldn’t watch it with a straight face. Not so much because the toy itself was so funny, it was the images in my mind of little boys and girls sitting around and laughing hysterically as they play with this toy. My Mama Ann (God rest her soul) used to say, “My day has been made complete, for today I heard a child laugh.”

This guy (if you can get him) retails for $40. TMX stands for Tickle Me X Ten, or Tickle Me Extreme. He comes in a box that you cannot view him unless you purchase him. The box has a flap and when you open it, you only see Elmo’s eyes, and he says something like, “No fair peeking!”, and various other phrases. The difference in this Elmo as opposed to others past is this…tickle him once, he laughs and slaps his leg. The more times you tickle him, the more he does, up to rolling on the floor and flopping over and kicking his feet. It’s a real crack up. I can see this toy serving much more of the country’s populous than just the kids. It’s a great way to break up a bad day, or I can imagine lonely elderly folks in our nation’s rest homes would get a lot of smiles watching this little furry guy…thinking…”My oh my…what will they come up with next?”