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Sunday, November 26

PayPerPost - I GOT PAID

As I mentioned before in this story, you can make a little money while you blog. I began posting for PayPerPost a little over a month ago, after I saw the post on Bestest Blog Of All Time. I do not take advantage of nearly all the opportunities on the site, as I only post about things I find interesting, or products and services I would actually support myself.

I began this venture to raise some of the money that will be necessary for my son’s trip this year with People to People. He’s been chosen again to travel as a student ambassador, and those trips are costly. I’m happy to announce that PayPerPost actually works! So far I’ve been paid $81.15, and am due to be paid $91.65. That is in only a little over one month. It is easily conceivable to make approximately $30 per day.

Give it a try to earn some extra money for your latest cause or project. There is an option to donate all your earnings to your favorite charity.