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Sunday, November 26

Pelosi Backs Hastings For Intelligence Committee Leader

OK, obviously, “We the People” are going to have to teach “They the Congress” some basic picking rules that we all learned early on the playground…DON’T PICK THE BAD GUYS TO BE ON YOUR TEAM!

My GOODNESS! I’m appalled that there are NOT any RULES IN PLACE that would PREVENT the MERE POSSIBILITY of such atrocities. It was bad enough that Pelosi wanted to appoint Murtha, her “Porking Friend” as the House Majority Leader, NOW she wants to appoint Alcee Hastings as head of the Intelligence Committee.

Shouldn’t it be a LAW that if any of the following have happened ( you’ve been involved in a huge scandal, impeached and removed from office, tried for a crime, and misuse of taxpayer money), that you are AUTOMATICALLY INELLIGIBLE FOR APPOINTMENT FOR LEADERSHIP – EVER?

Alcee L. Hastings (D-Fla), was impeached as a US District Judge in 1988 by a vote of 413-4 and removed from office. He was tried for bribery, but was acquitted. (Hey, OJ was acquitted too, among MANY other people that are believed to be guilty) A post-trial investigation by the US Court of Appeals believes that Hastings lied at trial and faked evidence. He’s even believed to have plotted with a lawyer to take a payoff for reducing the sentence of an alleged racketeer. Another prominent liberal African American John Conyers was one of Hastings’ prosecutors. Conyers is quoted saying, “We argue that he must be removed from office so that he does not teach others that justice may be sold.” Mr. Hastings was removed from the bench in 1989.

Ms. Pelosi had better get a grip soon, or she may find herself upon the impeachment list sooner than later. This woman is going in with guns blazing, and is going to lose the gunfight. Her leadership so far has been to choose two losers as leaders, and continue pork spending. Click HERE to see the unfinished Pork business on the 2007 schedule. Keep an eye on her and watch how many of these earmarks she votes yes to…her past record has been horrific.