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Wednesday, November 8

Republicans Lost - We Must Rally As A Country

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Can “WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?”…No, not completely, not ever, but SUCH A WONDERFUL THOUGHT, or imagination, or fantasy. I wish we could. AND my photo of choice is the horrible depiction of what may NOT come to pass, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could. In the words of the late John Lennon…”Imagine”…

It’s the day after Election Day…turns out to be an emotional one for all Republicans. In my state of Nevada, it was odd and emotional on two fronts. We were celebratory in the fact that most of our Republican candidates won, but on our local issues and questions…the liberals won. Reno, NV is one of the top five fastest growing cities in the nation. We have had a housing boom over the past five years due to the mass exodus of liberal minded folks from the People’s Republic of California (it’s stalling now considerably). Unfortunately, they moved their views with their belongings. In Nevada, a pretty extreme no smoking policy passed with big numbers. A very well balanced proposal to legalize less than one ounce of marijuana with 50% of funds going into tax coffers, and the other 50% of profits going to rehab and drug education failed miserably, even with the addition to agree to raise the legal breath limit on alcohol violations (that may have been the kicker).

In response to the Democrats taking both the house and the senate… I am an American. I believe in our system, and hey…we lost. I’m going to give those that won an honest chance to stake their claim to positive change before I bad mouth them. Nancy Pelosi who is now Speaker of the House is in my opinion a very scary character, especially since I’ve followed her close relationship to Harry Reid (who is one of Nevada’s most ICKY politicians ever). However, her speech today on television was cherry picked and most pleasant. We can only hope that the Democrats are truly willing to make positive change and not remain on her usual track of extreme left wing views.

I’m also emotional today due to the fact that NOT TEN MINUTES after the Democratic House leader Pelosi licked our eyebrows…Bush got on television and announced Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation. Boy…was that a fall guy speech or what? I am a Republican, and I happen to love Bush a lot. However, God love his little pea-pickin’ heart…he should have a stunt double whenever a speech needs to be made. At his press conference, his initial speech was OK, but as usual with any politician, it was read verbatim by whoever is “the dude” that writes the speeches. When it came time to answer questions…poor Bush stepped all over his own dick. The one guy asks him (in generality), “So…you said only a few days ago that Rumsfeld is GREAT, and will last the length of your Presidential term, and now today after the election…he’s out…so what say you Mr. President?” And Bush, stumbles on his words, and says (in generality), “Yeah…huh, huh, I knew I was gonna do this a few days ago, but I didn’t wanna spook the election by telling you only a couple of days before Election Day.” EXCUSE ME…GEORGE…MY PRESIDENT…ME…REMEMBER…ONE OF THE FOLKS THAT SUPPORTS YOU AND DEFENDS YOU IN WRITING ON A REGULAR BASIS…HELLLLLOOOOO!!, I swear I had flash backs of Clinton stating (in generality)…”DUH, No Sir…I don’t believe that constitutes the true definition of sex…I didn’t ACTUALLY screw anybody.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, poor Bush didn’t follow up Pelosi’s speech (time will tell if she’s for real) well on these facts… He made it sound like this was Rumsfeld’s idea all along. He called it “Rumsfeld likes to call it fresh eyes”…”It’s time to have a new perspective on the war”. If Bush KNEW he was going to do this…then he SHOULD HAVE DONE IT AT THE VERY MOMENT HE CAME TO THAT DECISION… not wait until the election didn’t go the way Republicans wanted it to go. In our companies, within a few short hours, when we’ve decided for whatever reason that someone has to be fired, we do it. It’s always painful. We do have a feeling for a time prior that it may be coming, but whenever the time comes, and the straw breaks the camel’s back…the camel rises up and says goodbye. Bush should have done the same, and if he would have, possibly a few more Republican seats would have been protected.

Also, while Robert Gates is a really decent choice for a replacement, Bush should not already be praising him for what he’s going to do in that position when he’s not even been confirmed yet. If the Democrats know what’s good for them, they should continue their gracious willingness to “work in a bi-partisan manner”, and confirm this guy. But, Bush in his current “I just swallowed my own tongue” speech should have left the kudos at ex-head of the CIA. He could have left out the President of Texas A&M part. While A&M is one of the very finest institutions of higher learning in the country…and Gates is VERY QUALIFIED, by emphasizing that point, it made it seem like Bush is appointing another “buddy” from Texas. It just didn’t go over well in the context of the rest of his failed commentary. I hope Gates IS CONFIRMED, he is GOOD. However, he is very close to James Baker, and some think that Baker will use him as a personal puppet to run the Defense office…why didn’t they just bring Baker back. Baker did an OK job, and it was “mostly peace time then”, why not nominate him? Oh yeah…that was Daddy Bush’s man…he’d NEVER get approved.

A lot of mess yet to come, and while Democrats today made picture perfect speeches…we’ll see. I CAN ONLY HOPE that all goes well, and the folks on Capitol Hill play nice together, but we all know, that hasn’t been the case for some time.

My best friend is Democrat, and it’s funny to us that for the most part we both agree on most really dire issues. We both believe that if the two of us, or like minded people were in the seats of congress or senate, the party system would be pretty much be a mute point. Most true Americans sit pretty close to center. I hope that Mr. Emanuel was successful in finding those “perfect” Democrats to win the seats necessary to take over lower government. If so, we will see some much needed positive change on the hill, if not (please let’s all pray not), then NOTHING AT ALL will be accomplished for two years. We can all just get back to our day to day hanging on and write off any good until 2008.