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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Sunday, December 17

My Mystery Angel

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Help me identify my mystery angel. When I opened my new shop in May, I inherited some "stuff" left behind by the previous owner. I found this angel in a cabinet, and decided to bring her out to bless our little office tree. I call her my Christmachanakwansa angel, because I cannot identify her origin. I've never seen a dark haired angel before, and with the black hair and the beads, I thought maybe she was of Mexican descent. Some of my Hispanic clients and vendors didn't recognize her either. Perhaps Indian, I don't know. If you've ever seen an angel like her, let me know where you think she comes from. At any rate, she's beautiful, and makes a nice holiday conversation piece around our office :)