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Thursday, January 11

Barbara Walters Down The Toilet

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Barbara Walters, you are not only on the toilet (a PhotoShop doctored photo of course), you are in my opinion now in the toilet and officially flushed down the toilet as far as my attention toward you will ever be given again. I cannot believe that our society has gotten as bored, or stupid as a whole that we even give “news” like the Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump “war” the time of day. But some have, and it continues to amaze me that Americans have nothing better to do than give credibility to idiocy. And here I am writing about it too…eeekkk!

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I’m writing this post though to Barbara Walters. Rosie O’Donnell who is in my opinion a big mouth left wing nut job started this whole thing, and while I admire Donald Trump for making some statement to the fact, even he has carried this too far. I am most disappointed in Barbara Walters.

I have long defended Ms. Walters as a highly respected journalist, business woman, and an asset to the news community. I grew up watching her and although the old Saturday Night Live TV show was great, I always thought it sad that the original cast of that show picked on her as Baba Wawa. Well, maybe after all these years, it’s been proven that they were correct. Maybe the late Gilda Radner saw the true Barbara Walters.

Barbara Walters was one of the first businesswomen I remember noticing as I was coming of age. I always admired her toughness, her apparent honesty, and her dedication to excellence. Multitudes of special interviews with her questioning some of the most famous and even most dangerous personalities in the world have graced all of our televisions in times past. Later in her career, she launched the show The View. In its inception, it was a really good show. I always liked Star Jones on that show; in fact she was one of my favorites. Some rumble ensued when she left the show, and at least for me, I never really knew the real reason. I work full time, and rarely got to watch anyway.

Then, of all things, Ms. Walters chose Rosie O’Donnell to take her place. I was shocked then, and it’s never stopped. Rosie is nothing but trouble and a complete shit stirrer. I caught a few episodes here and there, but after Rosie joined the line-up, the show just declined. Even Joy Behar has morphed into something less than she used to be after Rosie came on board. It’s really sad.

In one of the latest rounds of banter between Donald Trump and Ms. (or Mr. as she acts) O’Donnell, when he sent her the letter…the show The View only had one response, “Be sure to tune in tomorrow”. Now, I thought in that letter, that Donald Trump sort of threw Barbara Walters under the bus so to speak. However, she had it coming. But, I was still remembering the Walters that I “knew”, the one that I thought highly of, and the one that would NEVER LET HER PRISTINE REPUTATION BE TARNISHED ANY FURTHER. I thought possibly that Ms. Walters would do the right thing and come on the show and in her usual class and flair quote the famous Trump and simply say, “Ms. O’Donnell…you’re fired.”

Boy was I WRONG! Ms. Barbara Walters sold her soul to the ratings devil for money and hype. She flushed her entire career down the toilet to stand behind a woman who exudes a trailer trash diva personality. She could not even look up at the camera when she made her comments.

Ms. Walters, you of all people…who have spent YEARS “appearing” to stand for the right thing and “appearing” to be a woman that would tell the absolute truth hell be damned, have lowered yourself to the level of the scum around you. Yes, you DID get the highest ratings the day you called Donald Trump a poor pitiful man and lowered yourself to “high five” your “girlfriend” Rosie on national television, but you need to realize this…

The viewers and people that have admired you all these years were average people, elite people, educated people, and people of high character. While your admirers came from all walks of life, they all were people of moral aptitude. Your high ratings and success now will come from the likes of folks that break open a cheap beer and crack a bag of stale discount potato chips to glom in front of the TV to hoop it up over “quality broadcasts” like the Jerry Springer show. Congratulations Barbara, you have truly risen to the “top”. I hope it works well for you.

As for me, I’m done with Barbara Walters. Your balls are gone, and your brass ovaries have turned to tin. You embarrass us all with your lack of ability to really tell the truth…and for what? Whether or not you actually told Donald Trump not to wallow with pigs, we’ll never know…none of us were privy to that conversation. But you have lied with fleas and you have finally been bitten. You can now proudly rank yourself at your late age with the likes of the other celebrity divas like Paris Hilton.

Harry Reasoner is probably rolling over in his grave Baba Wawa. Hope you’re happy spending your money earned at the cost of your character and reputation.