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Wednesday, January 31

George Bush - Pardon The Border Patrol Officers

Dear George Bush:

PARDON YOUR DUTIFUL BORDER PATROL OFFICERS! What part of, illegal alien criminals have NO CIVIL RIGHTS do you not understand? “Your in our country illegally, you have $1,000,000 (over 700 lbs.) of marijuana in your possession and are attempting to traffic said drugs in the USA illegally, and assaulted a border patrol officer and then ran…YOU HAVE NO CIVIL RIGHTS HERE!”

Malinda Campbell
Legal Citizen / Nevada

Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila
was in this country illegally and had a million dollars worth of drugs on him. After already assaulting one officer, he ran, and officers Igancio Ramos and Jose Compean were in pursuit. The officers believed as the fleeing perpetrator ran, he turned to aim something at them, they believed he had a gun. In the foot pursuit, the officers shot at him multiple times. They say he ran back over the border, and they did not know that they had hit him.

Now, the officers then picked up shell casings and failed to properly report the incident, however, according to them…there really wasn’t an incident…they did not know the man had been hit. Here’s the part that absolutely BLOWS MY MIND!

The freaking DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY sent an agent TO MEXICO to find this creep and drag him back to the USA to TESTIFY AGAINST THE BORDER PATROL AGENTS. An army doctor took a bullet out of his ass and even though ballistic tests weren’t 100% conclusive, the patrol officers were tried and convicted of violating Davila’s civil rights and sentenced to 12 & 11 YEARS IN PRISON. Now, if that’s not appalling enough, the criminal was known to have been in the country again with 1000 pounds of drugs again, yet wasn’t chased down and prosecuted. He is now filing a $5 million dollar lawsuit against the government.

Meanwhile, both Ramos and Compean are rotting in prison when they should have received a medal, and their families are desperately trying to survive. One family has already lost their home and both families are all without any health coverage and barely enough money to get by.

It was also one month from the time of the “shooting” that criminal illegal Aldrete-Davila was “fetched” by Homeland Security to come back to the USA. Many believe that it was highly possible he was actually shot back in Mexico for not delivering his million dollar load properly.
The investigation goes on while two men are in prison. Mr. Davila should have been shot in the head, but instead got shot in the butt. Perhaps the agents broke some rules and should be punished in some way, but 12 years in prison is excessive. I really hope our government WAKES UP TO SEE THE LIGHT…we need to protect our borders. Everybody knows that it’s illegal to enter this country, especially with several million dollars worth of drugs in tow. We must protect our borders and protect our citizens from drug lords and terrorists. I can’t even believe this happened. I thought Homeland Security was all about protecting the HOMELAND…NOT CODDLING THE ILLEGALS THAT VIOLATE OUR LAND. No wonder our country is going to hell in a hand basket one day and one incident like this at a time.