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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, February 21

Belisi - How It Started

I just love a good entrepreneurial story. I remember meager beginnings, and although as a business owner today, I’m still just “little mom & pop”, but we certainly do more and have more than we did before owning our own businesses.

Peter Belisi was a bartender in Palm Beach. Looking for so much more, and wanting more for his family. Living in the elite Palm Beach, he felt he had to look more like an elitist if he was ever to be one. He began to spend his extra pennies on neck ties…yes, neck ties. Matching the perfect tie with his average clothes…he began to get responses from those who never used to notice.

Voila…his idea was launched. Belisi Fashions. Peter believes that accessories are the start of a good look, not the finish. He has built a company based on that idea, and is doing well. I perused the choices at Belisi.com and was impressed that for that trendy gentleman…he has plenty for them to choose from. His accessories are unique too, which makes a “style” become truly your own.

Belisi Fashions also allows a small amount of EVERY purchase to go to your favorite charity. His belief coming from meager beginnings was to make sure that if successful, he gave back when he could. Great heart, great idea, great company…we need more like him. Check out the story of Belisi - How it Started. Then, go shopping at Belisi.com for a trendsetting neck-tie, join the neck-tie club, and look into the new handbag line.