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Friday, February 9

E-Greetings.com - Risque & Funny E-Cards

Admit it…everybody likes to receive an E-Card…especially when it cracks you up and keeps you laughing all day when you think of it. EGreetings.com is a fantastic site for a wide assortment of FREE funny birthday or Valentine’s Day e-cards, and a vast array of e-cards for any occasion or category possible.

E-Greetings.com offers a large inventory of risqué and off-the-wall e-cards full of hilarious animations and funny messages. All cards can be personalized with messages and pictures. Anyone can sign up for a 30 day free trial membership in which unlimited e-cards may be sent. For $13.99 per year, a full membership offers the ability to choose and personalize e-cards at any time and choose the date in which they will arrive to your special someone. E-cards beat the heck out of having to drive to a store and purchase cards, envelopes, and postage.

Click on the links below the images below to check out some of the most popular birthday and Valentine’s Day cards now available at E-Greetings.com. Send someone a special laugh today, or send a sexy birthday eCard!

CLICK HERE to see "Cupid's Pick-Up Lines"

CLICK HERE to see "Birthday Cleavage"

CLICK HERE to see "Valentine's Chins"