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Thursday, February 15

Get Paid To Blog!

Get Paid to Blog! More and more big money opps are coming in all the time as this new “privatized advertising” idea is catching on. Bloggers get to talk about products and services they like and know a lot about, and the advertisers are beginning to pay BIG BUCKS.

With the new segmentation system, bloggers with high traffic can make as much as $1000 for a single sponsored post! Also, PayPerPost.com helps out the advertisers by charging only a 35% service fee, as opposed to the likes of ReviewMe, that requires 100% markup to advertisers. With PPP, there is more money left over for your pocket! PPP makes perfect sense for bloggers with high traffic, and those with low traffic as well.

Disclosure is required for all bloggers, so no wool is ever pulled over anyone’s eyes. Get involved today and get paid to blog, and start earning back some of those dollars spent running your blog, or earn money for a pet project. I’ve earned $209.80 toward my son’s upcoming student ambassador trip this summer.

Click on the PayPerPost Logo on my right side bar and you too can begin to earn money while talking about what you like. PPP also offers the ability to give all the money you earn to charity if you like. Help your favorite cause by blogging!