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Friday, February 9

Sports Illustrated Swim-Babe Valentine

I can already hear the sighs coming from men who dread the “duties” of Valentine’s Day. Well, cheer up guys…February 14th is a day with something in store for you too. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’S SWIMSUIT EDITION comes out on this day too.

This February 14th will mark the 43rd release of this famous magazine edition. From its inception in 1964, Sports Illustrated magazine has been making millions each year with its famous and always highly anticipated swimsuit edition. From the first “issue” that was concealed within the regular issue and sparked huge controversy, to the multi-million dollar juggernaut issues of recent years; there is no doubt that men from all walks of life can tell you about an SI swimsuit edition, and can most likely name at least one model made famous by it. Old men sneak a peek, and young and burgeoning puberty stricken teenaged boys can be found with the SI swim babes under the covers with a flashlight.

In addition to the popular reading of this year’s issue, Sports Illustrated is offering all you men the opportunity to see your favorite swim-babe anytime. At
http://www.simobileswimsuit.com, you may download your favorite model in the form of cell phone wallpaper, attain video clips directly from the video shoots, or get ring tones complete with video clips. These goodies are available for a mere $1.99 and over 50 of the famous SI supermodels are featured here.

Just imagine guys, you can set up your cell phone so that when the nagging wife calls, you can look at your phone and see Victoria’s Secret babe Heidi Klum instead. When you don’t want to talk to your mother either, look at the likes of Marisa Miller, Ana Beatriz Barror, tennis great Maria Sharapova, Molly Sims, or 2005’s cover girl Carolyn Murphy instead as you let the phone ring and ring:) Animated screensavers are available as well. Have a blast from the past with wallpaper from former swimsuit divas like Elle Macpherson (’87, ’88, ’94), or Kathy Ireland (’92, ’94).