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Sunday, February 18

TSA Teams Up with Amber Alert

If you will notice at the very top of this blog, I have the Amber Alert “ticker” visible. The Amber Alert is an amazing program that has saved 318 children to date from the grips of their abductors. I was so happy to hear that the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) has now joined forces with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to provide the Amber Alert system in over 450 airports.

Nothing can seem more horrible than to know an innocent child has been taken against its will and is in danger. Child predators are numbering into the horrid thousands and thousands. I am proud to do my very tiny part to help save a child by displaying the Amber Alert banner on this blog.

If you would like to display the Amber Alert on your website, CLICK HERE. To find out more about the new Amber Stick, and Amber Dots, CLICK HERE. Thanks for doing your tiny part to help the kids.